Lada Priora, reviews and features

Lada Priora - a Russian car producedJSC AvtoVAZ since 2007. The first with the assembly line came the models with the body sedan, a year later began the production of cars with a hatchback body, a year later there was a modification of the station wagon. Lada Priora was made on the basis of VAZ-2110, but the prototype is almost nothing like it, since the design was made more than 900 changes. To date, produce cars with 5 modifications of the body: a four-door sedan, designed for 4 passengers and a driver, a three-door hatchback, in which only 4 seats, a five-door five-seat hatchback and a five-seat five-door wagon.

Specifications car Lada Priora modification sedan:

Body overall dimensions: length 435 cm, height 142 cm and width 168. The machine is equipped with a capacious luggage compartment for 400 liters. The volume of the tank is 43 liters. The car accelerates to 100 km / h in 11.6 seconds, while its maximum speed is 183 km / h. The car is quite economical in terms of fuel consumption: for 100 kilometers along the road or highway there will be consumed about 5.4 liters of gasoline, while driving in the city at the same distance, 9.8 liters will be spent. On a mixed cycle, the consumption is 7.2 liters. The curb weight of the car, indicated by the manufacturer, is 1088 kg. The maximum weight with cargo and passengers is 1578 kg.

Responses of owners of Lada Priora:

Like many other cars, this car hasa number of pluses and minuses. Among the advantages is the comfort of the cabin, which, in comparison with the "classics", has reached a completely different level. The control panel is quite convenient and informative, there is no need to stretch for half a meter to turn on the desired button or switch a new lever. Stylish design, flowing lines, beautiful forms, not inferior to European brands, like many owners of Lada Priora.

Reviews indicate that this front-wheel drivethe car has good cross-country ability, front wheels easily pull the car even from snowy parking. Many people say that Lada Priora is quite maneuverable and easily manageable, responds quickly and accurately to steering turns.

What else is the merit of a car LadaPriora? Reviews indicate that the car is easily started when the temperature is 25-30 degrees below zero, which is important for the cold Russian climate. The stove works very well - in the cabin, in a few minutes, it becomes warm, a capacious trunk. Suspension of the car is estimated for a solid 4-ku on a five-point system - small bumps machine "swallows", large, and such on Russian roads a lot, are given quite noticeable in the car Lada Priora.

The owners' testimonies testify that another plus of the car is the large side mirrors with heating, which remain clean even in rainy weather and during the mass melting of snow.

However, there are also negative reviews:

Lada Priora, as many owners note, is an easy-to-handle car with excellent brakes when driving at speeds up to 125-140 km per hour. At high speeds, the quality of braking is reduced.

The minuses of the car of this brand are typical for alldomestic automotive industry - reliability of components and components leaves much to be desired. Virtually every owner has a small problem every 1.5-2 months of heavy use, even if it's a new car from the cabin. However, some machines work for several years without any significant breakdowns. It can be noted that spare parts for a car are cheaper than for foreign cars of a similar price category.

There is one more drawback of the car Lada Priora. The owners' comments indicate low noise isolation of the cabin. In addition, the salon itself constantly creaks.

To date, Lada Priora - the most advanced machine of the domestic car industry, in quality and configuration similar to European models of the middle class.

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