Keep the course!

"Incorrigible liar", photo by S. Arzumanyan
I do not know about you, but for me spring always comes on December 22, when minutes of light begin to drip into the piggy bank of the darkness, and the day, even for a little bit, is added.
"Incorrigible liar", photo by S. Arzumanyan
And this coming darkest and longest night of the year - the start, the course in the spring, by the way, is already very close! Many, as I know, besides the New Year's, are now buying gifts for March 8.
"Incorrigible liar", photo by S. Arzumanyan
On December 22, I play “The Incorrigible Liar” on the CDCS stage, a difficult role for me, because in life I am a complete antipode to my hero: he is a liar, and I am honest, loyal, brave, noble, decisive, intelligent, fair ... what else. . Okay tailored, cleverly dazzled .. in short, the eagle-man ..)
"Incorrigible liar", photo by S. Arzumanyan
And my partners are notable - both national artists, both theatrical primes, both order-bearers, laureates, with a bunch of titles and awards, who have already become entangled in their titles.
And most importantly, we all had the teachers of the oldest actors of the Moscow Art Theater: Alla Tarasova and Pavel Massalsky, Olya Bogdanova, Olga Androvskaya and Grigory Konsky, Olga, Vasily Markov, Tanya Vasilyeva.
"Incorrigible liar", photo by S. Arzumanyan
So, on December 22, in addition to the solstice, there will be a star-fall on the TsDZKh scene.

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