"Interview with a Vampire". Actors-superstars and debutante

The film by Irish director Neil Jordan, based on the famous mystical novel by the American writer Anne Rice “Interview with the Vampire”, is completely devoid of Hollywood pompousness, special effects in it are presented without demonstrative pomp. Despite this, in the Interview with the Vampire, the actors are exclusively star actors, perhaps because the 1994 picture surpassed the commercial success of Francis Coppola’s Dracula tape by one and a half times, being at that time the most popular vampire cinema masterpiece in the entire history of the US film industry. Mystical film has a rating of IMDb: 7.60 and favorable reviews of film critics.interview with the vampire actors

With aesthetic elements

In the film “Interview with the Vampire”, whose actors and roles are known to the wide cinema public, of course, there is the influence of the European culture of its creators, the French operator Philip Channel, impressive with stylish vertical panoramic shots,Italian artist Dante Ferretti, who had previously fruitfully collaborated with Pasolini and Fellini, and individual actors: the Irishman Stephen Rea, the Spaniard Antonio Banderas, the Italian who was glittering in “Nostalgia” by Domitian Giordano. In general, director Neil Jordan, familiar to the viewer from “Monet Lisa”, “Outrageous game” and “In the company of wolves”, gathered in his new project an excellent acting ensemble. With their professionalism, the movie Interview with the Vampire has been extolled to the pinnacle of success by the stars - world-class movie stars.

The ups and downs of casting Cruise

As already mentioned, in the Interview with the Vampire, all the actors, with the exception of debutants, had a generally recognized star status, and the casting was not without its troubles. The fact is that the experienced Tom Cruise, who played the role of Lestat de Lioncourt initially from the producers and Ann Rice herself was not associated with this character. The creators saw the performer of the role of Johnny Depp, who, for reasons that were not disclosed, refused.interview with the vampire actors and roles

By the way, if Cruz had studied more diligently in a theological seminary, his name would not have sounded on the lips of millions of fans, he would not have become a movie star.

Bold happiness helps

Once lit up on the set, Cruz did not miss his chance. But before “Interview with the Vampire” he played the role of exemplary positive heroes: “Impossible task”, “Cocktail”, “Firm”, “Super-weapon”, “Legend”, therefore it is necessary to note the courage of the performer who dared to become a bloodthirsty monster. After the release of the movie in the rental, many critics argued that the role of Lestat can not be considered the crown of acting skills of Tom Cruise, but the courage of the city takes. Using this artist as an example, one can say that in the Interview with the Vampire (film 1994), the actors were selected exclusively charismatic.interview with the vampire main characters actors

Louisiana Creole

In the film Interview with the Vampire, the main characters (actors Cruz, Pitt and Banderas) are exceptionally beautiful, so the success of the film in the ranks of the female audience is beyond doubt. With the choice of the artist the role of Louis, there were no problems and controversial situations, as the authors deliberately planned to use Brad Pitt. In fairness, it is worth saying that in 1994, the actor did not yet have superstar status, although from the very beginning of his creative career he performed a lot of colorful diverse roles - from the charming scoundrel in “Telma and Louise” to the disgusting killer in “California” .In the image of Louisiana Creole Louis, he looks good, although not striking.interview with the vampire all the actors

Oldest vampire

One of the screen partners of Pitt and Cruise in the film was Antonio Banderas. His role of Arman can also be considered as the main one, especially since it was an honor and a value to play in the company of such stars for a novice performer. Starting creative activity, the young performer was not afraid of secondary or small roles. His European hardening helped achieve recognition in Hollywood. Immediately after work in the picture Jordan, the performer was invited to participate in the production of tapes "Four Rooms" and "Desperate" R. Rodriguez. These paintings, including The Interview with the Vampire, whose actors helped Antonio to realize himself on the screen, brought Banderas a desired popularity throughout the world.interview with the vampire movie 1994 actors

Breakthrough role

Despite the presence in the tape of more experienced and extremely charismatic performers, according to critics, the most remarkable role in the film played twelve Kirsten Dunst. Her Claudia was phenomenal. First, the producers wanted to get the consent of Christina Ricci, who a year before had played the role of the little witch in Family Addams. But the negotiations were not crowned with success, and the role was given to Dunst.The debutante incredibly realistically managed to embody a complex and contradictory image on the screen, reliably transmit insult, despair, unmet desires and ambitions of her heroine - a vampire doomed to be forever a child. Episodes involving Kirsten look amazing, sometimes you just can not believe that the role played by a small child. During the filming process, there were rumors that the male actors were pretty nervous in The Interview with the Vampire, because the debutant baby had outplayed them. After working with Jordan, the actress embodied a lot of minor and episodic roles, until she switched to the main roles in romantic comedies, for example: “Be successful”, “Mad and beautiful”, “Deadly beauties”. Currently, Kirsten Dunst is known as Mary Jane Watson from the Spider-Man trilogy.

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