Institute of Russian Realistic Art (IRRI) in Moscow

Institute of Russian Realistic Art(abbreviation - IRRI) is an open from December 2011 museum complex. At the heart of the IRRI collection are paintings of Russian and Soviet masters of the 20th and 21st centuries - A.A. Plastova, S.V. Gerasimova, Yu.I. Pimenova, A.A. Deineki, V.E. Popkov, G.M. Korzheva, G.N. Gorelova, N.I. Andronova, N.F. Novikov, the brothers Sergei and Alexei Tkachev, Viktor Ivanov, who cover various historical stages of the development of Russian society.

Institute of Russian Realistic Art

General description of the museum

The basis of the first exposition and museum fund inthe whole is a private collection owned by Alexei Ananiev, a businessman, and containing many written in the realistic tradition of paintings. Its history began about 10 years ago. Today the collection of Ananiev includes several thousand works. About 500 of them are presented in the first exposition.

Institute of Russian Realistic Artlocated opposite the Novospassky Monastery, in Zamoskvorechye, in one of the old buildings of the printing factory. After the restoration and redevelopment of the walls of this building, built around the end of the 19th century, the museum premises occupying an area of ​​4,500 m² were equipped with advanced engineering communications, as well as special equipment designed to maintain a special regime for storing various works of art in the museum. Today, the technical equipment of IRRI complies with all international standards.

Master classes and lectures

exposition of works

Exposition of works from the IRRI collection is availableSince December 2011, a wide range of domestic and foreign visitors interested in the realistic school, its cultural tradition in Russia. There are master classes and lectures for the whole family every first Saturday of the month. There are group and individual excursion programs in English and Russian. Students of art schools, as well as students of various art lyceums have the opportunity to visit the museum for free on certain days (for more information about the time of this museum and exhibition complex see the very bottom of the article).

irri institute of Russian realistic art

The address of the museum and the way

Institute of Russian Realistic Artlocated near the metro station "Paveletskaya". From here you can get by buses 106, 13, 632 or 158, or 13-way fixed-route taxi from Paveletsky railway station to the stop called "First Sitkatabivnaya Fabrika", or take the tram 38, 35 to the stop "Novospassky Bridge" and enter side Derbenevskaya street in the "Novospassky Dvor" business center. From m. "Proletarskaya" can be reached by tram 38 or 35 to the stop "Novospassky Bridge". That is, there are several options for how to get to the Institute of Russian Realistic Art.

The address, which is located IRRI - Derbenevskaya embankment, house 7, building 31.

This museum occupies all three floors of the room. It is quite simple to find it - there is a brick tower next to it, which is a boiler house pipe, the building of which is occupied by the Institute of Russian Realistic Art. When you go to a museum among the red brick buildings of this former factory, it seems that you are in the late 19th century somewhere in England.

Institute of Russian Realistic Art Museum

The museum halls are filled with many paintings todayfamous artists: Sergei Gerasimov, Arkady Plastov, Alexander Deineka, Viktor Popkov, Vladimir Stozharov and others. In many works, the national character and the Russian spirit are felt.

Features of the museum

The interior and the building itself, fromwardrobe and foyer and ending with exhibition halls, show that the technical equipment of this museum is really at the highest level, IRRI (Institute of Russian Realistic Art) is a solid gallery of a modern type.

Institute of Russian Realistic Art

And on the quality and quantity of the collection of paintingsRussian, Soviet artists are inferior, perhaps, only to the Tretyakov Gallery. Alexei Ananiev, the organizer of it, caught the trend of the times, not yet very noticeable, easy, and made a bet, above all, on realistic Russian art. Avant-gardism in today's forms, in its pseudo-innovation and aesthetic adventurism, often leads to a dead end. The grain of novelty, of course, existed in this art, but it did not germinate. And realism gives a lot. Russian art of this direction tells about life, depicts its time: types of people, their faces, labor moments, life, landscape, houses, etc. And it also requires the ability to draw, professional skills.

The best works

Institute of Russian Realistic Art -museum, in which you will see, for example, a very catchy and masterfully executed portrait of the work of Alexander Osmerkin called "Ladies in a Black Beret" or the creation of Alexander Samokhvalov's "Portrait of the Pilot". The museum-exhibition complex gives an opportunity to look at the canvases of Vladimir Stozharov, the most famous of which are: "Unzha", "Muftyug, Big Water", "Autumn: Cows graze". For example, the product "Spinning" Arkady Plastov - it's just a fence, blue, snow ... But for some reason, there is a desire to feel the fullness and warmth of an unassuming kolkhoz life, to go for these strands. The works of Victor Popkov: "Under the Lilacs", "Rest", "The Evening Shadows" will not leave anyone indifferent either.

Soviet Artists

Museum and Exhibition Complex

In Soviet times, various works,written by famous masters, bought the Ministry of Culture, as well as museums. You will not find in the exhibition, for example, such a work of pre-revolutionary time, as the painting "Seeing off" Heliya Korzhev, and the canvas Grabar "Chrysanthemum" purchased Tretyakov Gallery. But even less well-known paintings by masters of such a high level are of professional, museum and historical interest. The exposition of works is represented by such authors of the Soviet pictorial school as Gritsai, Zhilinsky, Salakhov, Ossovsky, Stozharov, Ivanov, Kugach, Nemensky, Sokolov-Skala, Osmyorkin, Romadin, Chuikov and many others. Their work shows a high professional level, which was the painting of the Soviet period.

Ideological works

Art is a part of ideology. The country lived a heroic, difficult life. This is reflected in the IRRI's exposition in due measure and legitimately. Gorelov's paintings "Flowers to Stalin" and "Farewell to Gorky" convey the life-feeling of the USSR at that time. This theme is developed by Denisovsky's work "Portrait of Marshal Budenny", Brodsky - "Spring Landscape" and "Academic Dacha" and others. Truly immensely this collection - we indicated only some pictures.

Small work

Of course, there are not only the most successfulcreations of famous authors. The signature of the famous artist still does not speak about the value or the artistic value of the work. Fortunately, such not very successful creations in the IRRI exhibition are few. Even small paintings, almost sketches, confirm the undoubted skill of the authors. For example, this is the work of the artist Reshetnikov, as well as the portrait of "Collective Farmer" Tsiplakova and "Novospassky Monastery" Dementyev. The last picture is the size of only 30 X 25 cm, here we mention Mikhail Vasilyevich Kupriyanov - his paintings "Moscow, Winter 1946" and "Moscow, 1947", a picturesque and unusually fresh "Portrait of the Artist" by Pimenov Yuri Ivanovich.

"Unfinished conversation" is a rareAn example of a significant experience transmitted in the still life. This work is now in the Tretyakov Gallery. The Institute of Russian Realistic Art in Moscow also gives us the opportunity to recall the work of this master of painting.

Artists of our time

Many artists of ourtime. Very good from all points of view the picture - "Before the work., Guys" Korkoda Vladimir Nikolaevich. Fine examples of landscape represent the works of Izotov Mikhail Nikolayevich "On the banks of the Klyazma," "Winter Day in Vladimir "," Vladimir. View of the Assumption Cathedral. "Without throwing, but very piercing picture -" Victory Day "Anton Vyacheslavovich Stekolshchikova.

The works of Vadim Vladimirovich Dementyev"Vorobyevsky Forest," "October Andreevka," "Seltso" represent a sample of painting artists of the Moscow school. Let's also note the picture of Vladimir Viktorovich Yanaki "Widow", Egor Nikolaevich Zaitsev "Christmas tree". In our country there are many talented artists, of which very little is known to a wide range of people. These authors have great works. Great joy - when they finally reach the audience. The brilliant works of the artist Pirosmani are known to a wide range. But even in Russian villages, in these rickety huts, we can see unpretentious, painted paints on plywood, but very touching masterpieces, which are often not inferior to them. Unfortunately, they are not known about them, but meanwhile they contain the spiritual wealth of the Russian peasant. Similarly, a number of little-known realist artists have works that have not been seen by many. In IRRI you will find some of them. The general impression of this exposition is a feeling of hard and great work done, very necessary and useful.

The mode of work and the cost of tickets

Institute of Russian Realistic Art in Moscow

The museum runs from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 to 20 hours. On Thursday, the schedule is slightly shifted - from 12 to 21. Half an hour before the museum closes, the ticket offices are closed. Monday is a day off.

The cost of tickets is 150 rubles for adults, 50 rubles for students and students. Free admission is the last Saturday and the first Tuesday of each month.

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