Indonesia. Sumatra. Rainfall in the canyon.

Photo 1.

It’s raining for the second day, and today it’s snowing in the morning ..
But once I found rain in a canyon in the vicinity of Bukittengi, Sumatra, Indonesia.
And not just rain, tropical rain! ..
Photo 2.

The town itself is located on a rather rugged relief, and this gives it even more exotic.
Photo 3.

Horned houses typical of this area, I already told you about them
Photo 4.

Photo 5.

But not all roofs are horned, and many are ordinary.
And often when looking at the roofs, somewhere in the background I saw the sheer walls of the canyon.
Photo 6.

Here, for example, from here, right from the city park, the canyon is viewed perfectly.
Not all of course, just the beginning.
Photo 7.

Photo 8.

I wanted to go there, they say somewhere there is a waterfall.
Well, go.
Photo 9.

Photo 10.

Then I saw a place where apparently there should have been a waterfall.
But alas, not this season, too little water.
Photo 11.

Going down, I got on some plantations of bright green color.
Bukittengiztsy (bukittenginchane) slowly dig in the ground, they have their own concerns.
Photo 12.

Photo 13.

And I moved deep into the canyon.
A river flows along its bottom, it had to be crossed several times, while being bogged down a couple of times in the mud.
Photo 14.

The walls of the canyon, apparently sandstone, in some places as if handled by the human hand.
Photo 15.

Photo 16.

Photo 17.

There are no people here, but the buffaloes on the way are caught.
In spite of their sinister appearance, they were very shy.
Photo 18.

He tried to get closer to them, and they went to the other side of the river.
Photo 19.

Photo 20.

In some places a dense forest began, real impassable jungles, but if you go down to the river, you can easily get around them.
Photo 21.

Suddenly, the sky darkened, the wind rose, began to rain.
I had to turn back.
Photo 22.

When I reached the nearest house, it was so loud that I realized that it was the right decision to go back.
Video, 1 minute:
Photo 23.

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