Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Tunisia / Hammamet / Yasmin): description and reviews

very popular with beach lovers. The blue sea and cloudless sky is what every tourist needs on vacation. All this is available in Tunisia in abundance. Hammamet is one of the most popular resorts in the country, on the open spaces of which many hotels have been built. Among them there are not only worthy five-star complexes, but also more modest establishments. In our article we want to tell about the hotel Iberostar Averroes 4 *.

A little bit about the complex

Iberostar Averroes 4 * is located in the Yasmine-Hammamet resort area, just 12 kilometers from the city center. The hotel is in a convenient location, as there are all the necessary facilities for recreation nearby. For the first time the complex opened its doors to guests in 2001. Since then, the institution successfully takes numerous tourists. In 2015, the hotel was completely renovated. The area of ​​the complex is 35 thousand square meters.

View of the hotel

Iberostar Averroes 4 * is suitable for both family holidays and for a friendly company. The beach hotel is part of the large Iberostar chain.It is located on the coast and is very convenient for a beach holiday.

Number of rooms

Iberostar Averroes 4 * offers a large selection of accommodation options. The hotel has 266 rooms of different categories:

  1. Double apartment overlooking the beautiful garden. These rooms can accommodate up to three guests. Their area is 38 square meters. The interior of the rooms is designed in bright colors. The cost of living per day is 10.5 thousand rubles.
  2. Double rooms with a side view of the coast and a terrace. Accommodation in such apartments will cost a bit more expensive (from 11.5 thousand rubles).
  3. Double rooms with sea view (from 12 thousand rubles).
  4. Junior suite overlooking the sea. The area of ​​the apartment is 46 sq. M. The cost of living starts from 13.5 thousand rubles per day.
  5. Suite with private pool has an area of ​​53 square meters. The pond is located on the terrace of the room. The cost of living in apartments starts from 16 thousand rubles. The spacious room can accommodate 4 guests.
  6. Family apartments can accommodate up to five people (from 14.4 thousand rubles).
Number of rooms

All hotel rooms are connected to the central air conditioning system with the possibility of individual control.The room has a TV, satellite channels, mini-bar, safe, terrace, hairdryer.


In Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Yasmine, Hammamet) you can not only have a good rest, but also taste the delicious dishes of Italian, Tunisian and international cuisines. The hotel offers all the benefits of the all-inclusive concept. If you are planning an active program of events, you can order half-board for yourself.

The hotel has two restaurants and three bars. The main institution offers a buffet. The restaurant’s chef prepares traditional Tunisian and European dishes for visitors.

View of the hotel

Restaurant a la carte "Oliver" specializes in Italian cuisine. Here you can taste the best dishes of Italy.

The bar-lounge "Fleur de Lys" offers drinks and snacks that are included in the concept of nutrition. Only foreign alcohol is paid separately.

Tourists will certainly like a barbecue restaurant. Here you can taste grilled Tunisian meat. As well as the meat of buffalo, lamb, fresh fish and salads.

The pool bar allows you to enjoy refreshing drinks.

Children's services

Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Yasmine, Hammamet) is aimed at couples with children of all ages. Therefore, on its territory there is a mini-club, which takes children from 4 to 12 years. Funny animators offer children to solve puzzles, paint face with a face painting, play in the pool, make crafts, play board games, mini-tennis, build sand castles.

Spa complex

Hotel Iberostar Averroes 4 * has its own spa. In its walls you can visit the Hammam, undergo a variety of procedures, including massage with honey and algae. Not far from the hotel, just a five minute walk, there is a thalassotherapy center.

Sports and entertainment

Hotel Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Tunisia, Yasmine, Hammamet) is suitable not only for the beach, but also for a more active holiday. If you want to keep fit, you can work out in the gym. Whenever you come to rest, you have a wide range of entertainment at your disposal: archery, water polo, water aerobics, tennis, dance lessons, darts and table tennis.

Hotel pool

Ten kilometers from the complex is the famous golf club "Yasmine Hammamet", which occupies 17 hectares. Anyone can visit the institution of high level.

The hotel has an indoor heated pool, which is open from November to March.

Hotel infrastructure

Hotel in Tunisia Iberostar Averroes 4 * has a well-developed infrastructure. On its territory there is a business center with several conference rooms. The complex accepts applications for celebrations.

For their guests, staff organizes themed evenings. One of the highlights of your holiday will be an amazing Tunisian night. Visitors will be surprised by the bright scenery and amazing performances of artists.

Beach holiday

Hotel Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Tunisia, Hammamet, Yasmine) is located on the coast and has its own sandy beach, the length of which is 70 meters. It is equipped with sun beds and awnings. In the hotel you can take beach towels as a deposit. On the coast, guests can enjoy entertainment and sports activities. Tourists have the opportunity to go windsurfing, ride a jetski or catamaran.

A little bit about the resort ...

Hammamet is a conservative resort of European class, which is famous for its unique sandy beaches. Respectable city annually takes many tourists.In its expanses, quiet rest can be combined with an active nightlife. The city has a large number of clubs, restaurants and bars. Most of the holiday-makers are seeking on the coast of Hammamet, in order not only to swim in the sea, but also to combine rest with rejuvenating and wellness treatments.

An interesting fact is that the city is divided into two parts. Yasmin-Hammamet is a resort area, and the old part is called Hammamet. The resort has gained worldwide popularity due to the finest sand and blue sea. No less beautiful is the architecture of the city and its wonderful gardens. Buildings in Hammamet are built on the principle of "houses should not be higher than cypresses." Therefore, the city is immersed in greenery, behind which you can not see buildings and hotels.

View of the coast

The city has a long history. The excavations near it testify that people from the ancient times rested in these parts. And in the Middle Ages, here was located a large Arab city, the existence of which is indicated by the ancient fortress Ribat.

Hammamet has always been an important strategic place, and therefore throughout its history it has been attacked more than once. Active development of tourism began only in the nineties.In the shortest possible time, not only a variety of hotels, but also luxurious thalassotherapy centers were built on the territory of the resort.

Hammamet became the first tourist center of the country. He is most loved by all Europeans. And this is not surprising, since the resort has many attractions: the old town, water park, cafes, bars, shops, restaurants, a golf club and much more.

The resort area has a length of about 14 km. This is the clearest example of how to create a stunning world-class resort on the desert shore.

Guest reviews

Continuing the review of the hotel, you should pay attention to the reviews of tourists. It is their opinion that will help us form an opinion about the complex. Positive reviews of Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Hammamet, Tunisia) characterize it from the best side. All tourists recommend a hotel for a holiday. The institution has many advantages, thanks to which resort visitors return here with an enviable constancy.

One of the main advantages is the convenient location of Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Tunis, Hammamet). 1 line on the coast - the dream of every tourist. It is worth noting that the hotel is literally located right on the beach.In addition, the complex is located in the center of the prestigious resort area of ​​Yasmine-Hammamet, which makes it possible at any time to take a walk around the city and visit all the most interesting places.

Hotel Apartments

According to tourists, the hotel is a bit old. It can be seen that at one time it was a luxurious establishment, but now in the halls the sofas are already battered and need replacing. However, this moment does not affect the quality of rest.

According to reviews, Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Hammamet, Tunisia) has a diverse number of rooms. Optionally, you can choose an apartment overlooking the garden, pool and the sea. Of course, the rooms overlooking the coast, the most popular. However, tourists recommend thinking carefully before booking them. The fact is that such rooms are the most noisy. Evening entertainment and karaoke is before 23.00, and therefore sounds can be heard in the rooms. If you are planning a holiday with a child, it is better to choose rooms with a view of the garden. In such apartments it is always quiet and cozy.

All rooms are spacious and beautiful. They are a bit tired, but it is not so critical. Cleaning is done daily, and very high quality. It is customary to leave a tip, then the staff is generally trying very hard. Towels are also changed every day, and bed linen is changed every two days.Textiles are not new and also require replacement. Since the hotel operates year-round, the rooms have heated floors, which is very important for the winter and autumn time.

Check-in takes place quickly. If you arrived earlier than 14.00, you will have to wait for the keys to the room. But small tips quickly resolve the issue and you will be settled right there.

The rooms have free internet, but its quality is different in different apartments.

Nutrition Reviews

Tours in Iberostar Averroes 4 * are popular. Tourists who visited the hotel, recommend it to their friends. The hotel complex has several advantages, among which - excellent food. Positive feedback about it is direct evidence.

Tourists characterize food as diverse and tasty. Of course, there are many dishes with spices, but this is a feature of the local cuisine. Vacationers celebrate a wide variety of vegetables in any form - steamed, boiled, pickled, in salads, stewed. From meat there is beef, turkey, rabbit, lamb, quail. Every day at the buffet there is a large selection of fruits: apples, kiwi, pomegranates, peaches, plums, grapes, watermelons, dates, melons, pineapples.There is also a delicious pastry, several varieties of ice cream. During the meal, the chef regularly appears in the main restaurant, who personally controls the process of nutrition at all stages.

Main restaurant

In an institution there is always order and perfect cleanliness. The waiters work very quickly. If you leave a tip to the workers, then a table will always be ready by your arrival. A waiter will personally serve you.

The restaurant often serves seafood and fish. During the day you can have a snack at the snack bar. Tourists appreciate the food, noting its diversity. On the tables you can always find something suitable for yourself, even if you stick to a diet.

General impression of the hotel

Numerous positive reviews about the hotel Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Hammamet, Tunisia) characterize the institution from the best side. Tourists note that the complex is an excellent option for recreation in terms of price-quality ratio. Iberostar hotels are valued all over the world and offer a good range of services. An exception was not the hotel in Hammamet.

The hotel complex is located in a very beautiful place, its vast territory is well equipped.Every day the staff washes the paths, watering the plants and putting things in order.

Especially a lot of laudatory reviews leave tourists about the work of animators. The activity team offers a lot of entertainment for guests. Morning begins with aqua aerobics, and then during the day some sports activities are replaced by others. In this case, all classes are held with such enthusiasm that all the fun. The hotel also has a mini club for kids. Children with pleasure run into it. There they are entertained by a terrific girl whom all the kids adore.

Among adult animators there is a young man who is fluent in Russian, which makes entertainment programs even more interesting. In the evening, the kids will have a performance and clowns. And then begins the show program for adults. Animation lasts until 23.00, after which there is silence and tranquility. Guests have the opportunity to rest easy.

Hotel beach

Tourists are very praised by the entire staff of Iberostar Averroes 4 * (Hammamet). All hotel staff are very helpful and attentive. Of course, they are counting on tips, but no one extorts bonuses. The staff treats all nationalities equally well.There is no worship of German tourists, which is very common in many resorts.

The girls at the reception are trying to quickly resolve any issues addressed by tourists. Despite the fact that the hotel is not new, it is kept in perfect condition. Cleanliness and order is the slogan of the institution. And this applies to rooms, restaurants and the territory itself.

Beach Vacation Reviews

The latest reviews of 2017 about Iberostar Averroes 4 * allow us to recommend an establishment for a holiday. The complex has its own beach, which is located next to the territory. Sandy coastline and a gentle entry into the sea is one of the main advantages of the hotel. The beach is equipped with sun beds and awnings. Once every ten days a tractor plows him to keep the coast in good condition. Clear clear water is ideal for swimming. The spacious beach is very comfortable for relaxing. True, there is no bar on its territory. Waiters bring drinks from the pool bar.

Instead of an afterword

Based on the positive reviews of tourists, we can recommend the hotel for a family vacation. Fun animators will make your vacation unforgettable.A good number of rooms and excellent food will ensure a comfortable stay at the hotel. According to tourists, the institution has some minor flaws that could be fixed. But in general, minor flaws can not overshadow the rest. After visiting the hotel, tourists have only the most positive impressions.

À la carte restaurant

The convenient location of the hotel allows travelers to take informative walks through Hammamet. The resort, or rather, the old part of the city has many attractions that are worth seeing. Especially since the walk can be done independently.

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