How useful is kiwi?

You are never interested in why kiwi is calledChinese gooseberry? Indeed, with a cross-section, it is very similar to gooseberry, only large. And China is considered the historical homeland of the tree-like lychee Actinidia, whose fruit is and where the kiwi grows. And the real name of kiwi was due to its similarity to the New Zealand bird of the same name. To understand what is useful kiwi, you first need to look at its composition.

What is useful in the composition of kiwi

The water content of the kiwi is similar to the amount of waterin the human body. Kiwi consists of 84% water. It also contains 1% protein, less than 1% fat and about 10% carbohydrate. In addition, in kiwi there are dietary fibers, nicotinic acid, saccharides.

Of all the vitamins most in kiwi vitamin C,even more than in citrus and in Bulgarian pepper. Vitamin E is also part of the kiwi, it is very necessary for slimming people who follow any diet. The fact that the vitamin E deficiency affects them, because this vitamin is usually found in high-calorie and oil-containing food. And the kiwi does not affect the weight of a person.

How useful is kiwi to pregnant women? It contains folic acid, which is involved in the formation of the placenta and neural tube of the fetus. That is, if a woman during pregnancy will suffer from a deficiency of folic acid, it will affect the fetal nervous system, in the first place.

Of the useful elements in kiwi can be distinguishedpotassium, calcium and phosphorus, which are known to be necessary for a person throughout his life. Do not lose sight of the most useful enzyme actinidin, which is able to regulate blood clotting, as well as stimulate the human digestive system.

Than useful kiwi - properties

In numerous studies, it was confirmedThe use of kiwifruit in the respiratory system. Symptoms of bronchial asthma in children of early age are significantly reduced when using kiwi. And if there is kiwi regularly, then any person will improve the function of external respiration. Kiwi, like citrus, due to the vitamin C content, reduces the risk of developing respiratory tract infections. But you need to watch that such an exotic fruit as kiwi does not cause allergic reactions during its overeating, so start using it from small portions, watching the condition of the body.

In many countries, it is said that usefulin kiwi for people with heart disease. The use of kiwi promotes the burning of fats that block arteries. That is, the risk of blood clots is reduced, kiwi can be used as a prophylaxis of heart disease.

In the tropical fruit there are pectinsubstance, what is useful and kiwi for the intestine. Getting into it, they swell and form a slimy mass that maintains a healthy intestinal microflora, absorbs cholesterol and harmful metabolic products.

Than useful kiwi in cosmetology

Benefits of kiwi are noted in cosmetology. Undoubtedly, kiwi has a favorable effect on the skin condition. Kiwi is good for those who complain of enlarged pores, because vitamins C and E, contained in kiwi, give an astringent effect to the skin, that is, narrow the pores, and also help to lighten the skin of the face. In addition, the presence of antioxidants in kiwi allows the skin to stay young much longer, that is, it fights with the first signs of aging.

Kiwi can not only be consumed as food,but also used as a means of external application. If a person needs to narrow the pores of the facial skin, bleach it, then do not throw the skin off kiwi. Wipe it with the inside of the face, neck and décolleté area. Regular use of such a tool will provide the effect of tightening the skin, its rejuvenation, and will also give tone.

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