How to wear women's leggings correctly?

Women's tightsFor a couple of years, women's leggings have remaineda real hit of the season. True, leggings are a dangerous and unpredictable thing. With their help you can create either a unique, elegant image, or, conversely, completely ruin your appearance.
There are different options for tight trousers. For jogging, classes in the gym and fitness are excellent sporting leggings. Female models of losin come in different lengths: above the knee, knee, mid-calf and to the ankle. Tightening sports trousers are made of elastic fabric, which keeps the shape, does not stretch and at the same time does not interfere with the legs to move freely. It is better to choose cotton fabrics with elastic. In such clothes, the skin breathes. It absorbs sweat particles well, which will allow you to get rid of discomfort during sports.

There are also women's tights that prevent the formation of cellulite. They are made of breathable fabric, have flat seams, not rubbingWomen's tightsskin. As a rule, the tissue itself is ribbed in them, which has an effect similar to anti-cellulite massage. These pants can be worn not only in class, but throughout the day. A special inner layer of tissue prevents the reproduction of bacteria and the appearance of an unpleasant odor during fogging. Therefore, the trousers will not bring any inconvenience.

Women's tights are everyday and elegant. It all depends on the fabric, texture, colors and, of course, on which blouse or tunic they are wearing.
This year in the fashion of leggings with a bright print. Flowers, patterns, divorces - all this is acceptable. This hit - leggings with slots and scuffs. Also in fashion women's leggings made of cloth under jeans.
Casual tight pants, as a rule, are sewn from a monophonic fabric. Some of them have a seam on their sides, which allows them to be worn as trousers (provided that theySporting leggings for womensewn from a dense fabric). Shirinka-blende creates a feeling of perfectly fitting leg of pants. Girls with a thin silhouette and high growth, this clothing is very good. It is better to complement other models with an elongated blouse or tunic. The length can be different, depending on the fabric of losine and print. To everyday models are also bright options with fancy patterns.

An elegant evening image can be created withthe help of delicate black losin with a shortened stylish dress. Supplement the image of shoes or sandals with high heels and clutch. Azhur in the trend of this season, and the degree of patterning can be different: from a fairly dense capron with embossed ornament on its side, to absolutely thin threads interwoven into intricate patterns.

Black female leggings with a white or colored pattern of dense fabrics are good in combination with a blouse-bat. It looks very stylish, spectacular and festive.

Young girls who prefer a cheerful, easy style, you can experiment with color. When choosing losin, female eyes sometimes stop at the brightest, acidic shades.Leggings for womenAlso in fashion, black or gray leggings withgeometric pattern of contrasting colors. These models are complemented by loose elbows and jeans. Sneakers can be sneakers or ballet shoes - depending on the overall style.

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How to wear womens leggings correctly How to wear womens leggings correctly How to wear womens leggings correctly How to wear womens leggings correctly How to wear womens leggings correctly