How to unprotect the disk

Sometimes we really need to make a copy of the disc,which stores important, useful and very valuable information for us. Making a backup of such information is a reasonable decision. Every sane user has his own home archive, which stores "just in case" backups - music, video, important documents, mail and the like files.

But sometimes we regret to learn that the disc,which we purchased for our blood, unfortunately, is not copied. The copy protection that some companies use for their drives does not allow us to secure our property in case of unforeseen situations. We risk, in which case, stay as in a fairy tale - "in a broken trough": no money, no disk, no copy, which was not allowed to do the protection on the disk.

It is for such cases that we will need knowledge about how to remove protection from the disk. There are several ways to make backup copies for your home archive. We will now consider them.

How to remove protection from a disk on which the video is recorded

  1. To begin with, you can just rewrite itsuch a disk (make a copy) using a program to burn discs. Such a program can be, for example, loved by many NERO. This is the simplest option, which is sometimes enough.
  2. If NERO does not cope with the task, we connectspecialized software. You can try a very well-proven program called CloneDVD2. A very simple, resource-friendly program that will gladly help you secure your favorite movies on DVDs. For successful operation, you need to install it on your PC, make sure that there is free space on the hard disk and run the program to create a copy. From the "pleasures" I want to note the Russian interface, the ability to clone a disk - make an exact copy of the disc with all its contents (disc menu, titles, soundtracks, bonus videos, etc.), or choose only what you need to copy.
  3. As an option for copying protected drivesyou can try AnyDVD. With the help of this program, you can remove the protection that is put for a particular country (region). In addition, it is possible to copy a protected DVD to the hard disk of your computer. In the process, simultaneous removal of various types of protection occurs.
  4. More "advanced version" can be calledprogram Alcohol. This software is designed to create, work, copy and write image files. How can I remove the protection from the disk with Alcohol120%? Easily. The program creates a complete copy of the copied disk in the form of a special archive - the so-called "image". After creating a disk image, the information can be written to the hard disk of the computer or to a CD.
  5. If you tried the above methods andthe question of how to remove the protection from the disk is still relevant - you can try heavy artillery in the form of DVDFab Platinum. Describe all the subtleties of the process is not part of our objectives. If desired, instructions for installation, configuration and use can always be found in public sources. I just want to note a very, very worthy set of functions and tools that allow you to work with files with almost no loss of quality, it is possible to convert to most popular formats, including formats for portable gadgets. The abundance of options and the ability to customize the process of copying "for yourself" gives a real pleasure from using a quality product, and even more - from the results of the works of the righteous.

We examined in some detail how to removeprotection from recording from the disc, which contains the video. When working with discs on which other digital content is recorded, you can try the Alcohol program 120%. Remove the protection from the disk is not so hard as it seems - you need only a desire and a little patience. Everything else we have already considered.

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