How to tie a jacket?

Every woman or girl always wants to have at least one special thing in her wardrobe. And this desire is achievable now. You can of course go to the store and buy what you like, but you can make a little effort and do the original, high-quality thing yourself. And first of all, you can tie something to yourself, for example, a warm and original jacket.

How to tie a jacket: instructions

The first thing is the selection of the necessary materials. These are threads, knitting needles, and some other minor items. In order to correctly calculate the number of loops for our jacket take an example, it may be another knitted jacket. We need sixteen loops and twenty rows of ten centimeters by ten centimeters. It happens that the number of loops does not coincide with the sample, then this problem can be solved by changing the spokes with a more or less large diameter size. You can also figure out how to do it yourself, but only professionals do it. For your own calculations, it is necessary to divide the total pure loops in your sample by its length.This will tell you how many loops are contained in one centimeter, then multiply this number of loops by the width of your intended shelf or back of the product. In this simple way, you will learn how many loops are needed for the very first set of rows. Also you will learn how to knit a jacket

Back of product

Knit back often products. To do this, we need to stitch the 72nd loops. Next, we knit a 22-va row of a viscous "elastic" 2x2 or another pattern that you are familiar with. A pattern of braids knitted on 4 eyelets will also work, between them there should be knitted 2 loops with a purl. After that, continue to use for facial smoothing. Then you need to close for the armhole (about 35 centimeters in height) from the initial mating from two sides in each row with three loops and another two times with one loop. The total number of subtraction is 10 loops. You will have exactly 62 loops. When the height is 55 centimeters you need to close on each side fourteen eyelets for the shoulder. The remaining 34 loops pull down on the auxiliary needle.

In order to tie the shelf you need 36 loops, then you knit 22 rows with an elastic band.This is done in the same way as the back. Next you can knit the sleeves. To do this, you need to stitch 40 loops, knit it in the same ear as other parts of the jacket. As a result, you get 50 loops. Then you close the sleeve, giving it a familiar look.

Then you just have to combine all the parts! To do this, they need to wet, grind to the pattern and dry. We sew manually. Do not forget to decorate your product with big buttons! So you learned how to tie a women's jacket. You can see more about how to tie a jacket with needles with your own hands.

How to tie a jacket for a girl

In order to knit a jacket for a girl, you need about the same instructions as for a women's jacket. Just need to pick up another yarn. For example, for a child of two or three years old, take a yarn with a high content of wool of four colors; Spokes are ordinary, circular, and also nosochny; buttons.

  • Knit garter viscous: facial and purl. Rows only knit facial loops.
  • Facial surface: front rows - front loops, purl rows - purl loops; when knit all around, then the facial loops.

We stick to the density of knitting :: 17 p. X27 rows = 10X 10 cm. on the scheme of the jacket. We hope that you will get a wonderful knitted thing!

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