Already many times my test task turned out to be “complete crap,” and soon I found it ... on the main page of the company without changes. The edited articles were "dry", and then they were successfully used by others. I know several companies that parasitize on job search sites and exchanges for years, collect content from journalists and copywriters, say that they allegedly “failed”, and then these texts collect 50-80,000 views per day and rave applause.
A man loses even his portfolio. My former boss, for example, after my leaving on the sites, tritely rubbed my surname wherever possible, and replaced it with hers or "author unknown." :)) It turns out that I wrote a bunch of texts, they are all over the Internet, but I can’t prove that they are mine and I actually don’t have a portfolio. People either bought my name for two kopecks, and then sold ten times more expensive, or simply stole, changing two words in places ...
A friend told me how he did a series (!) Of test tasks for Yandex. He wrote them a week (!) Then they just sent the answer automatically: "Unfortunately, your qualifications and experience do not match ... We will contact you," etc. A month later, he accidentally saw one of the texts on the left site. The author was some kind of "copywriter-brand Vasya Pupkin, managing partner of the studio of copywriting and promotion Pupkin and Kovyrkin Industries International" ...
Regarding the relationship of bosses and exchanges recently wroteindrain How talents disappear. And who drowns them in the mud
I absolutely did not want to do any courses. Generally believed that it was not mine, and the teacher of me, as if from a mammoth prima ballerina. But the collective mind, without saying a word, began to convince me. Out of polite vindictiveness, I set a “barrage” price, for a month of classes - almost like for three intensive work on a hit money rate. And I decided that the mission was accomplished on this, the furious advocates of learning from me personally would be left behind, they would say that I was fucked up, and this is not worth it ... Fuck.
I have twenty people in total now. In three different directions: monetization of blogs, texts for beginners and earnings on the Internet for beginners. And I can say that this invaluable experience was definitely worth getting.He was so hard to digest that I, a man who had been sick for about forty years, had been barely moving his legs for the second week, unable to cope with a prolonged cold. All my mental energy goes into communicating with students. With each separately.
The tone, the words, the situations are always different, but the essence is the same: a text-writing student comes to me and says - I am a mess. I don’t know how to write at all, I don’t know why I am going to the course, maybe you can teach me.
I ask to write a review of the last seen film. And half an hour later I sit down to read. More precisely, I fall under the table, jerking my legs and wiping my face covered with tears. The level of protein-15, imperceptibly approaching the inconceivable heights of humordpmmax. I am hysterical, I sob and quote to all my colleagues in a dash fresh neologisms. A person who is able to write such wonderful pieces of music continues to prove to me that he does not have talent.
Having overcome the natural shock, I begin to “dig” the causes. And I find out that a person is sitting on the freelancers exchange, where he is stubbornly crushed by authority, stupid ratings, stars who distribute, like new epaulets, for years of service.
We take the next step: I ask students to find their own texts instrumentally. Who wrote to customers. And we find out that these very texts, somewhat slick and otreraytennye, are in the portfolio of the "luminaries" of copywriting.
I myself saw in the evening at the former chief of the FB tape my own article (!) For the subtleties of tourism, or I don’t remember who ordered, made a comparative analysis of countries where you can live for a thousand dollars and not deny yourself anything. By the way, even the Emirates, I remember, entered there, because I was just visiting the Dubai guide Lada and interviewing her.
This text has already caught my eye, only slightly less neutered. Now, on some, he turned out to be "notes from a man who has traveled the whole world."
And of the entire set of countries, only nine remained there. I was rightly indignant where the others were, and why from the whole set of “food baskets” that I collected, searching for expatriates all over the world, they left only the cost of beer. The former chef, who knows about my style of instantly turning into Hurricane Irma, as soon as I see my lyrics online, disappeared with the speed of a genie screwing back into the bottle.And they will also appoint someone responsible for the repost of the stolen material ... It is I who can catch it, and that is the criminal.
So, I have repeatedly made the same conclusion: it is convenient to use you until you do not believe in yourself. It is very easy to convince a talented copywriter that he is foolish, and is reluctant to buy texts from him for 30 rubles. And sell at 3.000
It is even more convenient to “slaughter” these most talented ones in order to keep obedient but not especially gifted puppets in the star fraternity. And it is very convenient, very, very, at the same time to sell garbage links, targeted advertising at random Lazarus and other useless heresy, which you can vtyuhat sucker. The main thing is that the stars do not light up in the sky, they can do everything the same - for free.
My guru, Peter Panda, the author of several bestsellers in copywriting, pulled me out of this garbage at one time. I will never stop being grateful to him for showing this algorithm on his fingers. I remember my feelings when I first saw my own texts sold on the exchange for 57 rubles, where my failed clients turned up my nose, but with pleasure they gave me a lot of dough to “copywriting”.I withstood this blow, and said goodbye to the exchange once and for all.
Now it's my turn to take the baton of the teacher and show my own students what the Panda taught me.
Am I a guru or an elf with ears? We will agree once and for all: you come to me, which means that you are morally ready to listen to what I am saying. To unlearned trainees, I can calmly return the payment and say goodbye, wishing good luck in the mathematical field or in the hardware business. I'm not starving enough to take away my work time for further mashing of angry reviews. Therefore, only talented and development-able students remain to study with me. Therefore, if I said - you are a talent, then you remember, recorded and learned. I can see better.
She noticed: the guys on my course are more focused, and they argue less. I say "dig" - dig. Ladies are beginning to doubt, but is there a sombrero for Juan, but is a spade well enough, oh, I have no experience with a digger, and in general, maybe I will make borscht?
I turn on the evil Rottweiler - and after a while I get another masterpiece performed by the girls.I admire, I will immediately woo my clients who cry that they do not have good copywriters, while I also note that most of them are engaged exclusively in depicting hectic business activities. That is, they are not able to plan expenses, delegate authorities and even create technical specifications.
I made a note for myself - to bring up businessmen separately. Another point why talented people consider themselves losers is that it is difficult for them to find work, because around them there is a crowd of infantile, frankly untrained people with big showers and the ability to splurge.
Another episode from the master group. A student writes me about where she was invited to work. Administration of social networks, contract management, customer calls and another one hundred thousand duties. Salary - 7 thousand rubles.
It is good that I was sitting in the car, and did not walk, having buried in the telephone.
To my fair question, why the hell they answered her: well, you are still sitting on maternity leave!
I, perhaps, even refrain from commenting.
My new work experience opens for me completely unexpected aspects of the business. For the time being, I have to simply digest all this, simultaneously trying not to fuck up completely.And thank you very much to my master group, which patiently allow you to disappear for a few days, while I think about how to continue to live and fight with it. Do not leave in this state! 30 rubles for the text, 7 thousand for the month of the uproar of work ...
So, I treat my students more than understanding. Just I understand them well. I do not understand how unscrupulous manipulators have to be in order for talented people to deliberately ruin for the sake of saving the budget.

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