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About the viruses of the Hijackers group, which arehijackers of browsers, written a lot. Almost all of them are identical in terms of impact on the operating system and installed in it Internet browsers (browsers). As a rule, to neutralize such threats and completely get rid of them, special labor is not. But among all this diversity there are real unicums. One of those is the virus. To remove it by standard methods in most cases does not work, because, unlike its counterparts, it does not appear in the list of installed programs. So, if there was such a pressing problem, we will have to use completely non-standard solutions for neutralization.

What is

So, in order. Before you start to solve the problem of how to remove Yamdex from the system and get rid of the consequences of its impact, it is necessary to clearly understand what the user is dealing with.

How to remove yamdex error

What is it? Many users do not pay attention to the change in the search system and the start page just because the name of the virus itself is in tune with the popular Yandex service. When you start the browser, they see a very similar interface and are surprised at the new design. We must pay tribute to the creators of this virus, because in this respect they are real cunning.

The impact of the virus only by substituting the search systemand the start page is not limited. The essence of the matter is much deeper. First, it performs a constant redirection to questionable sites that are distributors of other viral software. Secondly, the virus penetrates so deeply into the system that it modifies the configuration, setting bans even in group policies, so that even a user with administrator rights and the highest privileges of changing system settings could not detect and neutralize it. Thus, can only be removed with additional interference in policy settings, not to mention the deactivation of the virus directly in web browsers.

Use of specialized programs

However, manual removal is not alwaysthe best and simplest method for neutralizing threats. Therefore, to begin with, you can try to remove, using for this purpose special programs of anti-advertising nature.

yamdex net remove

For the average user, the best option iswill be a small but powerful enough program AdwCleaner, which can be found even in a portable version, which looks more preferable solution. Because the installation of a stationary application, the virus can also have an effect on it. How to remove Yamdex with this program? As easy as pie. Just run the scan and get rid of all the dangerous objects that will be found, then make a full reset.

How to remove from browsers

If we talk about the manual neutralization of the virus, the first thing to do is to get rid of it in all browsers installed in the system, as it is implemented in any application of this type.

Remove Yamdex from the browser can be standardway, which is to first change the search engine in the default settings to another and remove the virus engine. If this is not possible, you should use the reset to standard settings in the browser itself or use the Avast Browser Cleanup program.

yamdex remove

Then, through the PCM on the browser icon, you need toenter the properties of the browser shortcut and remove all subscriptions present in the description of the object referred to by the shortcut (after the name of the browser or its launcher with the extension nothing should be). In addition, in the same properties on the general tab, you must set the Read-only attribute and save the changes. If you do not want to do this manually, you can download a small utility FixerBro, which will remove all the posts in all browsers automatically.

Registry actions

Now in the problem of how to remove Yamdex,should pay attention to some registry keys. The editor (regedit) is called first. After that, you use the search (Ctrl + F) with the entry in the virus name field (Yamdex). Go from one result to another by pressing F3. All found records are subject to deletion.

how to remove yamdex

Now you need to remove Yamdex from the records,corresponding to the search system of the observers themselves. For example, for the Chrome browser in the HKLM branch through the SOFTWARE section, you need to find the browser's destination folder and change the value of the DefaultSearchProviderEnabled key to zero.

After that, you need to find the DefaultSearchProviderSearchUrl entry. The value field of this parameter must be empty (usually it contains the start page).

How to remove Yamdex from the security policy

Finally, the most basic. As already mentioned, the action of the virus occurs at the level of setting prohibitions in policies. They need to be removed. It's just that you can not delete the parameters, so you should clean up the system directories and update the Group Policy settings.

http yamdex net how to remove

First, in the "Run" console, you should write the line "% WinDir% \ System32 \ GroupPolicyUsers" (mandatory with quotes). The corresponding directory opens, in which you just need to delete everything that is.

The next step in the question of how to removeYamdex, will enter the line "% WinDir% \ System32 \ GroupPolicy" in the same "Run" menu. In the opened folder, as in the previous case, you need to get rid of all the content.

Finally, to force policy updates inconsole "Run" is entered the combination gpupdate / force, after which you just need to wait until the process is finished and restart the computer.

How to remove yamdex error

To avoid manual removal, you can use the command line, which prescribes all three commands, but before the first two add the attributes RD / S / Q.


And only now the problem of how to removeYamdex, can be considered solved absolutely in full. Finally, it is worth noting that if you can not perform actions with browsers, clear the system directories and restart the group policies before this.

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