How to remove stains from deodorant?

Stains from deodorant are not rarely the cause of parting with your favorite thing, but do not rush, throw it out, but try ways to remove the stains from deodorant described in this article.

The trouble with most deodorants is that they leave stains on clothes of any color. Yellow stains from deodorant are very noticeable on white things, and indeed on various colored fabrics. And black fabrics are usually “decorated” with white spots, or cream. Whatever color the clothes are, in any case, it becomes not neat, and you don’t want to wear such a thing.

Tips: how to remove stains from deodorant

First of all, it is worth noting that it is easier to remove the stain if it is fresh. Therefore, do the cleaning of the stains regularly, so that the stains do not increase with each toe and do not turn into old ones, which are much more difficult to deal with.

So, how to remove stains from deodorant:

  • Salt. This tool is always on hand if you are at home, and the procedure is simple: sprinkle salt on the stain abundantly, and rub it thoroughly, for greater efficiency, you can dampen the cloth a little beforehand.However, do not use this method to remove stains from dark things, there may be stains. After the salt has been applied, leave it on the cloth for exposure for a couple of hours (you can spend the night), then shake it off, rinse and wash it in a typewriter in a suitable mode for the product. Salt is effective only with fresh stains.
  • Powder or glycerin soap. To get rid of the stain, make a gruel of powder and apply it on the stain, rub it well into the fabric, leave it for a couple of hours, then rinse and wash it in the machine for a regular wash with a suitable product. The powder can be replaced with a piece of soap, while moistening the soap and carefully lather the stain. The remaining steps are the same as the method in which the powder is used.
  • Denatured alcohol or vodka. Perfect for you, as in cases if you want to remove white stains from deodorant from dark and black things, and from color and white. To do this, moisten the stain with alcohol (copiously), leave for an hour, then rinse with warm water. And in the end, send to the washing machine, wash off on a suitable mode.
  • Vinegar - ideal for removing stains from colored things (it also helps to keep the color of things).Soak the spot with vinegar (normal white), leave for a couple of hours, or even overnight. Then rinse thoroughly with warm water and wash the thing as in previous methods.
  • Ammonia. Take a weak solution of ammonia, rub a stain on them (use cotton wool, or a cotton pad), leave to work for a couple of minutes. After that, rinse the item and wash it. Suitable for old stains.
  • Special means for removing stains. If stains are old, you may have to use strong stain removers. At the same time carefully study the instructions. And also try the effects on the fabric, on the invisible details of clothing, so as not to spoil the thing.
  • Wetting stains from deodorant with dishwashing detergents also helps to get rid of them, the actions are the same as when using the powder, but do not leave the detergent for a long time, it is better to repeat the procedure.

And, of course, it is always easier to prevent the appearance of stains than to find a way to get rid of stains from a deodorant.

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