How to remember what you forgot? A few tips to remember all

Has it ever happened that you forgot something? Could not remember someone's name, password, an event or even a word? For sure, yes. But what did you do in this situation? What they were doing? Let's talk about how to remember what I forgot.

We will offer you some not only simple, but also effective ways to solve this problem, and also tell you about why such annoying misunderstandings happen to us. Also touch on how to develop your memory and even attention.

Why do we forget certain things

how to remember something you forgotBefore we talk about how to remember what I forgot, let's look at the main reasons for our forgetfulness. There are many options why we constantly forget any information that is important or not very much. We will single out the main ones.

The first, most common reason is insufficient concentration.

Remember how often you cannot remember where you put your keys, phone, notepads, even things.In most cases, you forget where you put the thing, if you rush somewhere or distract you, if you hurry and think only about how not to be late, feel bad, etc. That is one of the reasons for forgetfulness is dispersion.

The second reason, not less common, is whether you think the information is not important or unnecessary. In this case, you do not want to memorize it on a subconscious level. The reason may also be the complexity of the information itself.

The third option, which we allocate - weak memory. Agree, not all people can permanently memorize large amounts of information, whatever it may be. So, after some time, it will be erased from memory. Here it can be noted that over time the memory weakens, and the person increasingly begins to forget what he knew.

In order to memorize as much information as possible and not to forget it, you need to constantly train your memory. How to do this, we will talk to you later.

In addition, it happens that we ourselves want to forget this or that incident, words, names, knowledge.

Remember the forgotten information

how to remember where to put the thingSo, before we talk about how to remember where the thing was put (and this is the most common of problems), we will try to figure out how to remember any information that surrounds us.

How to remember the forgotten information? For example, you studied the material for a year, then repeated it before passing the exam, but when the time came to answer - everyone completely forgot. What to do in this situation? Try to remember. To do this, do the following.

First of all, remember exactly how you taught this material - sitting behind a book, making notes, listening to the teacher. Try to reproduce this moment in your head as accurately as possible. In most cases, this technique helps to remember the forgotten.

In addition, we advise you to relax, think about something else. Quite often, important information gets out of my head precisely because of excitement, fear, and lack of confidence in one’s strengths.

We are looking for the missing item.

how to remember wifi passwordWhat to do if you forgot where you left the necessary and important thing? How to remember exactly where you put it? Let's talk about how to remember where you put the thing.

First of all, try to remember where you usually put this item, where you leave it. For example, if these are keys, try to reproduce in memory what you did after you opened the door of the apartment and went inside.If this is a telephone, remember who you were talking about with it, where it was, and it is quite possible that you will soon understand where you put it.

how to remember the past

We also recommend that you bypass the room as you normally do. It is possible that you will soon remember where you put this thing and find your loss.

Remember passwords

What to do if you forgot your password? For example, we had such a misfortune that we do not know how to remember the password from WiFi. What to do?

In this case, you also need to properly preload your memory. First of all, remember what exactly you put on passwords - numbers, letters or words. Next, we try to remember which ciphers you often use. Try to sort through the most likely options. In addition, a rather effective way is to remember what you thought at that moment when you registered, what you did. If you recall those minutes, it is likely that you will remember it.

And what if you forgot and do not know how to remember the login? In this case, you just need to remember what you like, with what or whom you associate yourself. After all, login is often our nicknames, nicknames, what we call ourselves.

"Where did we meet?"

how to remember the wordIt happens that you see a person on the street and you cannot remember where you saw him. How to remember who it is and what is his name? How to remember a person, especially unfamiliar?

First of all, you need to strain your memory and try to remember exactly where you saw it. What places are associated with it? This will provide an opportunity to remember exactly where you met him.

Next, we try to determine which associations you have with the name of this person. It happens so that it is associated with a particular action, event, color, etc. In addition, you can iterate through all the letters of the alphabet. It is possible that in this way you will remember which one of them the person’s name begins with, and then remember it completely.

Remember the past

The most necessary, but difficult skill is to remember the past. It often happens that I want to remember some moment in my life - childhood or adolescence, to revive one or another event, celebration, meeting. What to do in this case, how to recall the past?

how to remember loginFirst of all - try to call in your head at least distant images associated with the event you need.Then start slowly for each of the strings, remembering what happened before or after this episode, what exactly was the cause of certain actions and words.

It is also worth noting that it is not always possible to recall the past in this way, especially what happened in childhood. In this case, you need to contact the help of a psychologist and go through a hypnosis session. In this situation, this is the most effective way to reliably reproduce the events in memory.

Remember the forgotten word

It happens in our life and such that we forget this or that word. Just a couple of minutes ago, it was spinning in our language, and now we cannot pronounce it. What to do in this situation? Naturally, try to remember, although there are other solutions to this problem. So let's talk about how to remember the word.

First of all, it can be replaced with a synonym. Of course, if this word is a term or a name, a name, then this option will not work for you. In this case, we are trying to collect our thoughts and try to recall at least a part of it, the sound associations that this concept gives you.

Another option is just to forget about this word, not to dwell on his recollection, and in a couple of minutes it will definitely appear in your head.

We train memory

 how to remember a personSo, we figured out how to remember what I forgot. Now let's talk about how we develop our memory.

Of course, the most important thing is that in order to avoid problems with remembering certain things, you should always train your memory. To do this, we recommend to your attention a few simple, but rather effective exercises.

Surely you have heard that nothing trains memory as well as memorizing poetry or even text passages. Be sure to try every day to learn at least a couple of lines from a variety of books. In this case, it is desirable to pay attention to large texts, completely learning them. So, taking any story, learn every day in a paragraph, while not forgetting to repeat what you have already learned.

The second simple exercise is to scroll through the events of the past day in your head every night. So when you go to bed, remember what started your day, then step by step approach night. Alternatively, you can wind off events in reverse order.This will also be a good exercise for the brain.

And finally, another exercise for the development of memory and attention. Surely you often visit the street - go to study, work, just walk. With this pastime, you can also develop some qualities. To do this, simply memorize the numbers of passing cars and carry out various mathematical operations on them. In this case, you will never have a question about how to remember your WiFi password or your login.


We all face the problem of memory lapses. This is understandable, because we are not always focused on obtaining this or that information, it is not always our brain that can quickly remember a particular word, phrase, action, and we don’t want to remember some things at all.

In fact, remembering the forgotten is quite easy and simple, if you follow the recommendations given by us. In addition, if you need to recollect quite serious and necessary events, you can always contact the help of a specialist. As you can see, answer the question: "How to remember what you forgot?" - not so difficult.

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