How to pickle a spider eye?

Larisa Isaeva
Larisa Isaeva
February 21, 2013
How to pickle a spider eye?

Welcome, dear gamers! Here and now I will tell you about how to pickle a spider eye in the online game Minecraft. In addition, you will receive knowledge of what potions can be brewed on the basis of the spider's eye and what privileges you can receive thanks to these potions.

Of course, you can immediately eat the fresh, appetizing spider's eye. But patience and intelligence can add you strength in the fight against enemies, so read on how to make a spidery eye.

Pickled spider eye

Marinut spider eyes with sugar and brown fungus, that is, these are two more essential components in addition to the spider eye itself.

Sugar + Spider Eye + Brown Mushroom = Marinated Spider Eye

Potion 1: Potion of Weakness

Alchemy knows how to properly apply the spider eye. It is used for potions of weakness and is intended to affect negatively to whom it is applied.

It will take a flask of water, a ready spider eye and that's it.

Marinated ready-made spider eye + Water bottle = Potion of weakness

This potion acts in such a way that the force of the attack becomes less on the "heart", and when reinforced, it doubles the damage penalty.

By the way, Zombies residents can be cured of it with the help of a golden apple.

Potion 2: Damage Potion

This potion can be obtained in two ways:

  • Ready spider eye + Potion of poisoning = Potion of damage.
  • Ready Spider Eye + Healing Potion = Damage Potion

Deals damage to 3 "hearts", but Undead heals the other way around. And also doubles the damage to each level.

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