How to paint flowers?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
March 18, 2013
How to paint flowers?

To make colors unusual for them, you can paint them. To do this, create growing conditions, carry out breeding work, use food dyes, coloring sprayers. It is easiest to paint flowers with white and cream-colored buds. They can give almost any desired color. You can get a flower of green, blue, blue and even black.

Tips on how to paint a lot of flowers. The most common colors are roses, chamomiles, chrysanthemums, dahlias, carnations, tulips. Better stained fresh cut flowers.

Methods for coloring cut flowers

Water with nutrients from the ground through the roots, the stem enters the leaves and flowers of plants. If you add coloring pigments to the water, then the buds and flower petals will be colored. Flowers are best painted after cutting immediately placed in dye solutions. The color of the paint in this case will be bright and saturated.

Dilute food dyes in water in several containers. In each container to put on the newly cut flower.The cut of the stem should be made at an acute angle with a well-sharpened knife. Flowers leave in the dye solution for 8 hours. It is believed that this time is enough for the petals to acquire a light shade of dye. For intense color you need to hold the flower in the dye solution for at least 20 hours.

Painted flowers are stored at room temperature. If you want to get unusual colors, you can transfer the flower from the container with one dye into the container with another paint. At the same time, it is better to close the stem cut with your finger, without taking it out of the water. Using this method of coloring, you can even get striped flower petals.

If the stem of the flower is cut into several parts and each is immersed in water with a dye of its own color, you get a colorful, unique flower.

Other coloring methods

You can paint the white and cream flowers on the bushes, if they are watered with a solution of dye. To paint the roses blue, you need to water the soil around the bush with cobalt acid.

If the cut flowers are first dipped in a solution of fuchsin, and then in potash, the petals will turn a delicate blue. Blue or blue flowers can be colored green by holding them over a lit cigarette or by treating them with ammonium carbonate.

Flowers with purple petals are easy to turn into bright scarlet. To do this, lower the flower into a very weak solution of sulfuric acid. The solution should be really weak, so as not to damage the delicate petals of the flower.

To lighten the shade of a bright flower, you can place a rose in a closed container with glowing sulfur. After a while, the petals will brighten and eventually turn white. The same effect will also appear on violets, gladioli, and asters.

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