How to open swf?

Alena Radostina
Alena Radostina
May 30, 2012
How to open swf?

In connection with the development of the network, the drawings or animations created by the designers were very slowly loading. Then came up with a flash format - SWF. In files of this format, it is not the picture that is transferred, but how it should be drawn, then a special program on the computer creates an animation, an image (flash player).

Swf is a multimedia file, a flash animation created using Adobe Flash. Files can contain plain text, raster and vector images, 3D-graphics (limited), video, audio, ActionScript scripts. These can be videos (format files), cartoons, games, web sites.

So how to open the swf? Swf file is opened by Adobe Flash Player or using any web browser with Flash technology (Firefox, Opera, Chrome).

How to open swf format? To view the ".swf" files you need to download the Adobe Flash Player:

  • We enter into the search
  • Download the player and install.
  • In the browser, open the file in the ".swf" format (click on the folder with this file).
  • By default, playing ".swf" files is blocked. To unlock, click "Allow execution of blocked content."
  • Then the contents of the ".swf" file will open in the browser window.

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