How to make sandwiches with caviar?

Now cooking gives us a lotoriginal recipes for making sandwiches. Today we will talk about how to make sandwiches with caviar. But what should be considered in order to make good and delicious sandwiches. It is not necessary to buy fabulously expensive black caviar. For delicious canapés, the pollack roe or the same herring, all hotly beloved, is quite suitable.

In order to refine your table,you can use red caviar. It will be a bright episode on your buffet table or other holiday. Of course, now the guests are not surprised by the presence of caviar on the table because of its accessibility, but still caviar has always been a delicious and very tasty product.

Recipes of sandwiches with caviar

There is not one hundred, and perhaps a thousand, recipes for sandwiches with caviar, but we will provide you with the most original and unusual recipes. Read and write down:

Winter sandwiches

In winter many people lack bright colors andspring tastes. Therefore, we advise you to make a sandwich recipe combined with pollack roe, butter and fresh cucumber. And, cucumbers should be not only bright, but also succulent, also choose only fragrant cucumbers. Let them be a little expensive. After all, we need a fragrance, not quantity.

We take a fresh mustard loaf. Mode it into pieces, ordinary slices. Then it is smeared with oil. After that, spread half the sandwich with caviar, and on the second half put the ring of fragrant cucumber. Cucumber sprinkled with fine salt. Just be careful, do not overdo your sandwiches. After that, we put them on a dish and serve it to the table. If desired, you can sprinkle caviar finely chopped greens of dill and green onions.

Sandwiches with caviar herring and pickled onions

If you are a keen lover, then this recipe is for you. You prepare bread, as in the first recipe. Lubricate it with oil. Next, spread a layer of herring eggs. Then put marinated onions.

Onions cook this way: take a onion, a small head. Cut by rings or semirings. Rings should be thin. Then sprinkle with salt and squeeze. Add olive or mustard oil, sugar and vinegar. So the onion is marinated for half an hour. Before putting it into sandwiches, squeeze. But how to make sandwiches with caviar? The answer is very simple: decorate sandwiches with fresh parsley leaves.

Sandwiches are economical

If we only have one can of caviar, but we needto feed many guests, then you can cook these sandwiches. To do this, we need one can of red caviar or any other that you like, one soft fused cheese, mayonnaise - a tablespoon, soft butter, greens.

Rub the butter with mayonnaise and cheese into a homogeneousweight. The mass should be soft, add the finely chopped greens into it and again rub. Then, enter caviar. Strongly stir it is not recommended that the eggs of red caviar do not break. After that, the resulting mass is applied to white or rye bread. These are delicious sandwiches, they will appeal to both grown-ups and invited children.

We hope that the provided recipessandwiches you will like. You, as a real hostess or master, can invent their own sandwiches with red caviar. Photos of various recipes in sufficient quantity are on various culinary sites and if you want you can see what dish is produced, personally.

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