How to make apple jam?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
July 30, 2014
How to make apple jam?

Apples are great for making delicious jam. To make it even the one who has never engaged in blanks. The main thing here is to follow the step by step instructions and observe the recipe. How to cook apple jam, in more detail described below.

Required Ingredients

Before you start cooking jam from apples you need to take care of the main products that will be needed during this process. Their list is as follows:

  • granulated sugar - 3.5 kg;
  • apples - 3 kg;
  • vanilla - 3 g;
  • water - 600 ml.

For the preparation of jam is better to use ripe apples: they are elastic and fragrant. Their variety does not matter, so you can even use sweet and sour fruit. Well, if they are collected in their own garden, because then they will not have to worry about their benefits.

How to make jam from apples?

The process of cooking apple jam takes a little time. To cook apple jam, you need:

  1. Take the fruits and rinse them thoroughly in cold water.Then cut each apple into small slices. It is imperative that you cut the core and remove the fruit legs. If there are rot or worms on the apples, they must be cut out, otherwise the taste of the prepared jam will deteriorate badly.
  2. Put the sliced ​​apples into a saucepan, pour over water and bring to a boil. Soak them in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Then fold the apples into a colander and immediately immerse in cold water. It is necessary that they cool down completely. To make the segments cool faster, the heated water can be changed to a cold several times.
  3. Next you need to pour 600 ml of water into a large container. Put on the fire and bring to a boil. Pour ½ part sugar into it, and then stir it all thoroughly. Reduce the heat to a minimum and leave the mixture to boil. You must wait until the sugar is completely dissolved and the liquid starts to foam.
  4. Transfer the boiled and cooled pears to a container of syrup. Add heat to a boil. Add the rest of the sugar and add the vanilla. Stir everything and then turn down the heat to a minimum.It is necessary to boil apples in syrup over low heat for an hour.
  5. While apples are boiled, you need to take the jars and lids, rinse thoroughly, and then sterilize. Ready jam spread on the banks and roll up. Then leave the cans upside down in a warm room for a day, wrapped them with a blanket. Then you can clean them in the cellar or other cool place.

Eat ready-made jam can be a few days after preparation. But the majority leaves preparations for the winter, after all at this time it is so pleasant to drink tea with such apple delicacy. It can be used not only as a dessert, but also toppings in the preparation of various pastries and pastries, including cakes, pastries, pies and buns.

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