How to make an injection to a cat


The cat is prescribed treatment, but you cannot take her to the clinic every time. You have to learn how to do the shots yourself. This is not as difficult as it seems, but it will still require some skills and a firm hand from you. If you do not have enough confidence, then it is worth to rehearse, for example, on a to inject a catAdhere to the following rules:

  • It is necessary to observe sterility, as well as at injections to the person. This principle should apply to both hands and tools.
  • If the ampoule was already open, you cannot reuse the medicine from it. In this case, you need to type it in several syringes at once, close them with caps and put them in the refrigerator. Store the tool in this form can be up to 3 days.
  • The injection is done exactly in the place indicated by the veterinarian. Make sure that the skin there is not sick or inflamed.
  • Collect the exact dose of the drug. Mixing different in the same syringe is strictly prohibited, except when the antibiotic is very painful and needs to be diluted with anesthetic.But this should tell you in the clinic.
  • Remember the advice of a doctor and carefully read the instructions.
    In it you can see the abbreviations: P / c - the subcutaneous route of administration. For him, the most convenient place is the withers of the cat. V / m - intramuscular. Fit hip.
  • Do not give the cat a treatment, especially an injection, on your own. Only a specialist can give an animal an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the correct therapy.
  • Forget about pity. The cat probably will not like the procedure, but this is the only way you can save her from the disease. Therefore, act confidently, clearly and quickly.

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