How to make apple mash? Recipe for home brew

It is always especially pleasant to reap the fruits of your hands, and to sit on a quiet, cozy weekend evening with a glass of fragrant apple cider or a glass of calvados is twice as pleasant. Apple trees began to cultivate one of the first fruit trees, and today this fruit is among the most popular and eaten.

how to make apple marigold

If the year was unusually apple, and all sorts of compotes, jams and mashed potatoes settled on the shelves of roomy storage rooms, then apple mash would be one of the best options for processing this fruit-rich fruit. An additional advantage of such a product is that it can be used as a standalone drink, and can be overtaken by getting homemade apple brandy at the outlet, which fits so well into the atmosphere of a warm friendly dinner.

In the old cookbooks you can find a great variety of original recipes.So, how to make an apple mash? By and large, there are only two methods, which will be discussed further.

Braga for distillation

You do not know how to make an apple marigold, while spending a minimum of time and effort? You will suit a proven recipe using ready-made juice. Of course, the juice must be prepared from fresh apples - in any case, do not use the packaged juice product. For this purpose, the simplest aluminum juice cooker is ideal, which many housewives have. You can chop the apples and squeeze the juice in your hands. Strain and boil it is not necessary.

It will take 5 liters of freshly made apple juice, 1 kg of sugar and 10 g of dry yeast. Further, nothing complicated: the yeast with sugar is added to the juice, the resulting wort is poured for fermentation into convenient bottles with a wide neck, and a special water seal or an ordinary medical glove with a hole in one of the fingers is placed on top. So you provide a way out of excess carbon dioxide.

The bottle is left in a dark place for further fermentation for a month. When the process of "gurgling" stops, and the glove drops off, the resulting liquid should be carefully drained without shaking the precipitate, and filtered through several layers of gauze.

The apple mash obtained in this way is optimally suited for distillation, which results in a delicious Calvados. So much has been said about him by the heroes of the "Triumphal Arch" by E. M. Remarque!

Braga on apples. Second recipe

 apple roll

If the variant with apple juice is of no interest for one reason or another, it is possible to use more complex technology. We need water, ripe juicy apples (30 kg), granulated sugar (4 kg), 100 g of dry yeast or 1 kg of "live".

Note: water must be used drinking, not boiled, saturated with oxygen, so as not to disturb the fermentation process.

Raw materials, that is, the apples themselves, need to be thoroughly washed, removed bones, pith and rot, since they can give the resulting moonshine a bitter and unpleasant taste.

Technological process, or How to make apple marigold

The apples cut in small segments are crushed to a consistence of mashed potatoes. To do this, you can use manual labor and grate apples on a grater, and mechanical, grinding the fruit in a blender or a food processor. The resulting mass should be placed in a fermentation tank.

how to cook apple marigold

Prepare syrup from sugar and water at room temperature and pour in mashed potatoes. In the same canister, add the yeast dissolved in warm water.Mix the mass thoroughly, close the container tightly, smearing the joints with dough or wax, and "forget" in a warm place for ten days.

Please note that after 24 hours, the surface of the wort will be covered with a “cap” from the layer of mash, which should be shaken up - apple juice will acquire a pleasant aroma.

Approximately in one and a half weeks the product will be ready: the liquid will get a light shade, the fermentation process will stop, and the pulp will remain at the bottom.

We manage without yeast

Braga from apples without yeast is an excellent soft drink of low alcohol, the naturalness of which components will not cause any doubts. For its preparation, it is enough to replace the yeast, which is included in the recipe for home-brew marigold, with 100-150 g of raisins or the same amount of previously germinated wheat.


Masters in the field of cooking of moonshine, advising how to make mash from apples without yeast, recommend conducting a small test: grind a kilogram of apples without prior washing (because there are natural yeast bacteria on their surface) and watch a couple of days - the fruit should ferment.Otherwise, there is a risk of ruining a large batch of raw materials if the apples are not sweet enough.

Natural Yeast Cider

 Apple Pepper Distillation

To make apple mash with this recipe, you need 10 kg of apples, 3 liters of water and 3 kg of sugar. Apples crushed into gruel are mixed with one and a half liters of clean drinking water and a kilogram of sugar, left for two days in a closed bottle for the process of easy fermentation. After the allotted time has elapsed, the mixture is poured into a can in which the remaining water, sugar and wine yeast are added, which can be replaced with the berries of fermented grapes.

We fill the tank with a water seal filled with braze into a warm place and wait until the fermentation process is completed. Next, the liquid must be carefully separated from the sediment and poured into the prepared container.

The strength of the resulting drink can reach 16 degrees, it is quite possible to use it without further distillation into moonshine, because cider is crafty, like well-aged home-made wine: it would seem that only a small cup drank and the legs no longer obey ...

Short course of home brewing

 Braga on apples recipe

We already know how to make apple mash.It remains to complete the process of obtaining a stronger drink - moonshine or homemade brandy.

If you follow the advice of experts in home brewing, then in order to smell alcohol was not alcoholic and acquired a delicious apple flavor, you should overtake unfiltered braga.

A can of aluminum or copper, which is preheated for a few minutes over low heat, is best suited as a cookware. Pour Braga into it, warm it up. A little later, the temperature can be slightly increased. It should be carefully monitored so that the remaining pulp does not start burning.

An important point: the resulting liquid is necessarily divided into fractions, since the first portion of distillate (250-300 ml) not only has an unpleasant smell, but is also not suitable for use. The main way out of the stated portion of braga, which took 30 kg of apples, is about 2.5 liters of 40-degree moonshine and the same 60-degree moonshine.

apple cake without yeast

Second distillation

After the first distillation, you can add a handful of apple drying and a few slices of fresh fruit to the resulting moonshine - this will give additional flavor to the aroma.

Strained through cheesecloth, liquid is added to three liters of water and set on fire. The first portion of the distillate is also merged into a separate vessel, and the main output of the future drink is collected until the fortress drops below 40 degrees.

As a result of double distillation, an excellent Calvados with a strength of about 65 degrees is obtained, which must be steeped for two weeks, so that the taste and aroma become as saturated as possible.

Is it possible to store distilled Braga?

Braga from apples for distillation can quickly turn sour, and the efforts made will prove ineffectual. But if it is not possible to overtake it immediately, then for a short time it can stand in the refrigerator, but only if it is stored in an airtight container with a water seal.

If the fermentation process is delayed

 recipe for home brew

The reasons why apple harvesting may not work are different, from non-compliance with the proper temperature and poor quality (or insufficient quantity) of the yeast before the liquid is contaminated by third-party microorganisms and the lack of nutrients. To restore the fermentation process, you can try to add a portion of fresh yeast, but if it does not start again, then you have to overtake what you received.

Not so important, you end up with fragrant cider or strong Calvados. More interesting is not only the process of how to make braga from apples, but also its final result - an exclusively natural drink that will satisfy even the most fastidious connoisseurs, and will quietly “disappear” during friendly gatherings. Most importantly, do not abuse!

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