How to make an album?

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How to make an album?

Some people to store their photosprefer not to buy monotonous photo albums in stores, and do them yourself. This kind of needlework art has a very large history and is called "scrapbooking", which in translation means "book of scrapbooks". Such albums usually cover different topics: the birth of a child, a wedding, an anniversary, travel.

Scrapbooking technology

Scrapbooking originated in England and Germany, whenit was fashionable to collect in a separate book poems, quotations, clippings from albums with engravings. With the advent of photography for fans of scrapbooking, it became possible to make albums related to certain personal events. Now this occupation is one of the most common female and male hobbies both in the West and in Russia (one of the examples of Russian creativity can be called dembelskie albums). So, how to make an album yourself?

Since the albums are designed for long-term storage, respectively, and the materials from which they are made, must be chemically neutral:

  • special colored paper 30x30 cm with patterns, sequins and other details;
  • colored and patterned tracing paper;
  • corrugated and dense cardboard;
  • sets of volume elements (rhinestones, frames, buttons, seashells, thermo-stickers, decals);
  • memorable items (tickets, business cards, cards, letters, tags).

From tools in scrapbooking use glue,scotch, scissors, punchers, pencils, pens, markers. Naturally, all the instruments should be chemically neutral so that the album is preserved and does not fall apart ahead of time. So, if you have all of the above, there is an idea in the head how to create an album - how to make it original? There are three main technologies for creating albums:

  • distressing: artificial aging of the album - creation of ripped edges, scuffs, scratches, use of special inks and tones;
  • embossing: creating a convex pattern by embossing or by heating a special powder;
  • Stamping: creating effects with the help of ink and stamps.

Select album style and cover art

So, you know for sure that your hobby is scrapbooking. How to make the album unusual and bright? You need to choose a style! To create your own album you can choose the following styles:

  • style vintage and heritage (old photographs and pictures are used);
  • European style (many beautifully cut photos on each page);
  • American style (a lot of jewelry);
  • style "clean and simple" (use of a minimum of ornaments in the puzzle box);
  • style "shabby chic" (use of false-old effect);
  • mixed style (elements of different styles are used);
  • Free style (use of light paper and pencils).

The choice of all of the above is notso difficult, when the question arises of creating a cover. When you combine all the album sheets with special metal rings or with glue, you get an album with a usual cardboard cover from the top. So, how do you make the cover for the album so that it becomes special? There are the following methods of making up the cover:

  • cover from paper (pasting or sewing a colored sheet of paper on the typewriter);
  • a cover from a fabric (you sew on a typewriter a tapestry, a jeans, a velvet, a drape to a cardboard);
  • soft cover (glue the sintepon and cloth to the cardboard, decorating the edges with braid));
  • a cover from shreds of a fabric (sew a strip, triangles, squares on a cardboard);
  • knitted cover (tie the cover to each side and put it on the cardboard);
  • leather cover (glue or sew on a cardboard).

Above, the cover can be decorated with paper flowers, metal pendants, laces and other attributes depending on your imagination.

Children's and wedding albums

When creating albums, you can followany ideas, but the only thing that must be invariable is its thematicity. Perhaps the most common are wedding and children's albums. So, how to make a wedding album?

  • use letters and notes of lovers;
  • pick up beautiful poems and quotes;
  • put in the album pieces of wedding ornaments, garters and flowers;
  • for the cover design use lacquers with sparkles.

If you decide how to make a children's album, follow these tips:

  • be sure to determine the number of sheets, break them by month or by topic;
  • for registration use children's buttons in the form of nipples, bears, shoes;
  • do not forget about flowers that can decorate any page;
  • be sure to add children's stickers;
  • on the cover you can sew a children's embroidery made by yourself.

Naturally, the main design of the album dependsfrom you, because it is your thoughts, skills and memories that will be realized in the created album.

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