How to make a weathervane?

Weathercocks have been decorating houses for many centuries andindicate the exact direction of the wind. They are very popular nowadays. If you decide to decorate your home for them, then you need to know some features of how to make a weathervane with your own hands.

What we need

Required materials for the manufacture of weather vane: thin metal tubes, one tube with a diameter of 1.5 cm, stainless steel billet, steel strip, metal scissors, rivets and rivet. Now let's go directly to how to make a weathervane.

We begin to make a wind vane

A weathervane is a metal flag with a counterweight. Under the action of even a small wind, this flag turns, which helps to determine the direction of gusts of air masses. For a more accurate determination of the direction of the wind, you can install a wind rose on the weather vane.

Usually the size of a standard weather vane for a houseis 400 x 800 x 70 mm. If you decide to install a weather vane on a pergola, then these dimensions can be reduced. It consists of a wind vane from a pole or axis, roses of winds and flyugars.

The weather vane post itself should be made fromlength of which is 12.5 cm, and a diameter of 1.5 cm. At the top of the rack, thread the thread, and in its lower part, fasten the bearing. As a rule, the weather vane is fixed to the roof of the house with the help of steel strips, which are fixed on the side of the rack. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the fastening of the strips does not interfere with the free rotation of the wind vane.

Making the roof of the weather vane housing

The roof of the body should be made of steela workpiece that has an internal thread. At the top of the weather vane can be decorated with the installation of a wind rose. It consists of thin metal tubes that indicate the directions of the sides of the world. If desired, at the top of the weathercock can be covered with a protective cap.

The weathercock itself should be made of stainless steelbecome. Usually he is given the shape of a person or animal. The resulting figure must be bolted or welded to the very top of the rack. After you learned how to make a weather vane, you need to find out the process of installing it on the roof of the house.

Installation of weather vane on the roof

To do this you will need a metalbracket, drill, rivet, tongs, washers, nuts, wrench and sweep. Install it best in calm, windless weather. In the beginning, it is necessary to attach a metal strip, 2 mm thick, into the hood of the pipe. This strip should be bent several centimeters from each end. Then, with the help of a rivet, you need to attach the bracket. In the hood with the help of a drill hole is made, which is equal to the diameter of the weather vane. After that, into the hole of the hood, insert the axis of the weather vane and put on the washer on which the nut is screwed. With the help of a compass, you should determine the sides of the world and orient the winds according to these data. At the end of the process, it is necessary to fasten one more nut and washer to the other end of the rod. This is necessary in order to tighten the weather vane with respect to the brace.

Now the weather vane will serve not only as a magnificent decoration of your house, made by your own hands, but also regularly show you the current direction of the wind.

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