How to make a paper box?

Elena Shchugoreva
Elena Shchugoreva
December 24, 2012
How to make a paper box?

Boxes in everyday life very often help us to keep small things. Cosmetics, bolts, Gadget, jewelry and jewelry, trifle, and much more! How to make a box of paper, so as not to spend money on its purchase? We will use thick paper because it keeps its shape. But be that as it may, this is a paper, and in a year or two it will become worthless, because it cannot be washed. But it can be painted and varnished. It can simply be thrown out and made another, even better than before! The advantage of such a box is its cheapness.

Thick paper box

Making a pattern. Think about what size your box should be. It is not worth doing too much. But it shouldn't be completely small either, since nothing can fit in it. Therefore, when you think about how to make a box out of paper, stop at a medium size. For example, 10 by 15 cm. We draw such a square on thick paper. This will be the bottom of the box. Then we draw the bumpers.We draw from each side of our bottom 4 more rectangles, 5 cm high. And now we add valves to each side face of the boards, with which we will glue the box. The valves are drawn like this: the width is on the edge of the board, the height is 0.5 cm. Then we cut off the corners of the valves a little. Here is our pattern. Now it needs to be cut, bent at the folds, and glued. For reliability, you can glue the box and outside. Cut out beautiful strips of colored paper, and glue them on the sides. To decorate the box, you can draw an ornament on it, inside put a piece of beautiful fabric. After we figured out how to make a box out of paper, you should make a cover for this box. Take the same pattern, only on the sides of the bottom-base add 1.5 mm on each side. And, on the contrary, reduce the height of the sides to 1 cm, drain, and when it dries, put it on top of your box.

Paper tube box

This technology will allow you to make a very strong and beautiful box that looks like a basket. So, take an A4-size newspaper, cut it into three long identical strips. Each from the corner wind on a thin needle for knitting.It turns out the tube, the edge of which must be glued with glue-pencil. When you have made about 50 such tubes (this is very fast), proceed to the design. Do you know the interlacing threads in calico? Here is the same picture should be laid out on a clean sheet of tube and glue them. You will need 4 sheets of 15 by 10 cm. Then you need to cut a 15 by 15 cm bottom out of cardboard. Now, from the inside, glue all sides of the box with wide strips of paper. Then paint newspaper tubes, varnish them.

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