How to make a closet yourself?

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How to make a closet yourself?

In large, and in small towns, housing forthe present day is prohibitively expensive. Therefore, most townspeople have to rely only on small flats. Yes, and to settle there the whole family, which is usually small does not happen. In this situation, it becomes extremely problematic to place all things and not make the apartment so that there is practically no place left for it. There are several design solutions of this kind of problems. Especially popular are the built-in closets - the best assistants in solving the problems of accommodation for the inhabitants of small apartments.

Built-in cabinets except for compactness differexternal presentability and style. Recently, cabinets of this kind are chosen not only in connection with practical necessity, but also for the sake of a pleasant interior eye. Built-in wardrobes and wardrobes today can be ordered in any city. Dozens of companies provide services for the manufacture of cabinets, however, such a cabinet can also be designed independently. On how to make the closet yourself, read this article.

Cabinet Design

To construct any thing, and the more so a closet,It is impossible without a sketch, at least in the head. To imagine what your furniture masterpiece will be, special magazines will help you create an original idea. Spilling the necessary periodicals, typing ideas, proceed to the design. So, your actions will be as follows:

  • Measure the intended place in the apartment where the closet will be located.
  • Save all your measurements on a sheet of paper, create a drawing
  • Mark the place of the light source on the wall with a pencil if you are going to mount it in the cabinet. Remember that the depth of the cabinet should be no less than 70 centimeters.
  • Make notes on the wall that will indicate where the side walls of your new furniture will be located.
  • Build the side walls. They can be created from two or four bars, using different ways. For example, nail boards for side walls against the wall at once, or first build skeletons of side walls. If you do not understand how to do this, look at how to make a cabinet. Video with master classes is on the web.
  • Mark the place where the center of the cabinet will be located.
  • Check the marking with a plumb line.
  • Attach the structure with additional nails. They can be driven into the floor or ceiling.
  • Create a door frame from several racks. They can be two or four.
  • Take sheets of drywall, cut them to the desired size.
  • Attach the sheets of plasterboard to the previously prepared side walls of your closet.
  • If you planned to install a light bulb in the cabinet, do not forget to pull out the wires - contacts of this light source.
  • Seal all seams.
  • The top and bottom of the doorway, install the guides, then you must install the doors in them.
  • Install the clothes bar, create clothing sections.
  • Set the number of shelves you need.
  • Attach the frames that will be needed to use the drawers.
  • Paint the cabinet
  • Wait for the paint to dry.

Congratulations, now you have not only received a new piece of furniture, but also managed to make a built-in wardrobe with your own hands.

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