How to make a cake with grapes

A cake with grapes can not be called popular inour country's dish. After all, more often in sweet pastries we add apples, pears and various berries. However, once you taste a culinary product with grapes, you will be delighted with its taste and will prepare it again and again. Today we decided to offer you several options for preparing this delicious dish.

pie with grapes

The recipe for a pie with grapes

For the preparation of this pie we needstock up on the following ingredients: 200 grams of grapes, half a kilo of ricotta cheese, 180 grams of flour, 100 grams of low-fat cream, 100 grams of powdered sugar, 90 grams of butter, 40 grams of chicken yolks and 20 grams of lemon zest.

Cooking a cake with grapes is very simple. First, we knead the dough with the help of a combine, for which we use flour, finely chopped butter and a couple of tablespoons of cold boiled water. Then knead the dough with your hands until it becomes elastic and smooth. We take a round baking dish, whose diameter should be about 22 centimeters, and roll out our dough by a circle with a slightly larger diameter. We spread the dough into a mold so that the bottom and the walls are laid.

recipe for pie with grapes

Whisk yolks and powdered sugar before the formationfoam. Add the cheese and mix until the mass has a uniform consistency. Grapes are washed, cut in half and cleaned from bones. Cream and peeled grapes are added to the mixture of yolks, powders and ricotta. There we also pour the grated lemon zest. We spread the mixture into the mold, where there is already a dough, the edges of which are wrapped inside. We bake our pie with grapes for about 40 minutes in a preheated oven to 200 ° C. After that, let the product cool down, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve it on the table.

Cake with grapesin multivark: recipe

This delicious dish can be prepared inmultivark. As ingredients, we will need the following products: two chicken eggs, 50 ml of olive oil, a vanilla pod, 200 grams of flour, 250 grams of grapes, 130 grams of sugar, 90 grams of butter, 75 ml of milk, a teaspoon of baking powder and three teaspoons of powdered sugar .

pie with grapes in a multivariate

In a deep bowl, beat the egg with sugar and sugarabout three minutes. Do not stop whipping, pour a thin trickle of olive oil. By the way, it's best to use the first cold pressed oil. Continuing to beat, add well softened butter. As a result, you should get a smooth oil mixture that resembles a cream. We throw in the cup seeds of vanilla. Again start whipping and add milk at room temperature. Flour and baking powder separately sift and pour into our oily-egg mixture. Turn the mixer on low speed and whisk the dough until it becomes homogeneous. We clean the grapes from the bones and add them to the dough, mix them.

In pre-greased with buttera pan of multivarka shift the dough and level its surface. Turn on the "baking" mode and cook the cake for an hour. Then we remove the finished product, let it cool, sprinkle powder and serve it on the table.

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