How to limit the speed of the Internet

It is not uncommon for a single connection toThe Internet is used by several people at the same time. For example, this is often the case with shared home access. Because of this, sometimes you have to deal with the natural consequence - the problem of low speed.

limit Internet speedIn practice, everything looks like this. Suppose that there are two computers that use the same connection to the global network at the same time. If you do not make changes to the algorithm of the local router (if any), programs or operating system, then almost all available resources of the channel are received by the computer that creates more requests and / or initializes them first. In simple language, if someone at home includes uploading a file using a torrent client, the other user at best can be content with reading texts and checking mail. But if you enter the control of Internet traffic, then this problem can be easily solved. And quickly and simply. In addition, understanding how to limit the speed of the Internet, it is possible to organize traffic distribution to multiple users, while saving on the services of the provider. That's how knowledge can make a profit.

How to limit the speed of the Internet

So, there are two ways to manage traffic: software and hardware. And the first is divided into two groups: built-in operating system and using third-party applications. Both the first and the second method allow you to limit the speed of the Internet, but they have a number of characteristic features. So, the hardware almost does not depend on the computing capabilities of the components of the computer and can work effectively even with older systems. But the second is more flexible in setting up and relatively cheap (although this is not the rule). The choice depends on the user's requirements, ability to work with devices / programs and financial capabilities. By the way, Internet traffic accounting is easy to configure in both cases.control of Internet traffic

Hardware method

To implement it, you will need a specialdevice - router. Prices for budget models start from $ 10-15, which makes them an interesting offer. If there are few users, it makes sense on each computer to register a unique IP-address. After connecting the router you need to go into its settings (the address for the browser is specified in the instruction or on the label) and in the list choose "DHCP - Address reservation". Here you need to add each computer, specifying unique MAC and IP addresses (you can see the properties of network adapters). After rebooting the router, you should check the "DHCP Client List" - all computers must be visible. To now limit the speed of the Internet for each IP address, you need to proceed to "Bandwidth Control - Rules List". Here you need to add an address and write down the maximum upload and download speeds.

It is also recommended to configure filteringMAC addresses in the wireless section, which will secure the connection from getting full speed to any user, for his part, changed the identifier of the network card.
Internet traffic accounting

Software method

In this case, preference should be given toSpecialized programs (and not built-in Windows solutions like QoS). You can install the local HandyCache proxy server and specify a restriction in it. The disadvantage is that you will have to configure the network in such a way that other computers can access through one - the main one on which the proxy is installed. Also very well known is the Traffic Shaper XP program. It allows you to set speed limits. Once configured on each computer, you can start using a single connection.

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