How to learn to teleport with magic?

I make a magic wand, but it says to dedicate a magic wand you have to go to the lake at midnight with five svyas, and at midnight no one will let go!
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Answered on November 12, 2015 08:25
Do not believe this is bullshit. Drop this bad job, nothing happens.
Answered on November 13, 2015 18:09
No Mystifiers, using the elementary knowledge of psychology, speak their teeth to gullible people. Here, for example, in your cases: "4. How to dedicate a magic wand at home: - The initiation rites are always done in the full moon. - It is necessary to go to the Lake, take five candles and arrange them in a circle. - At 12-00 am you need to cast a spell: “I call upon the powerful forces to hear me and, as a reality, allow me to use a magic wand. The magical power of the four elements submit to me and be mine forever. The magic wand that I did will be my eternal helper. ” - So repeat twice. - Next, leave the candles burn out and go to sleep, the power will come to you and to the stick not immediately, it needs to be developed and improved. " (I found this "spell" in: ) The word "Full Moon" acts on your psyche as a non-standard time of day for events, fueling your interest. In a circle of people who do not know, candles are the “portal” in the “other dimension”. "Spell", in general is complete nonsense and is written in order to defuse the situation. Repetition twice, is associated with the number of flowers for the dead. And then, in the end, you are reassured by the fact that, they say, if something does not work out, do not worry. By this, the person who has read it removes some suspicions.

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