How to knit neck?

Knitting has not become less popular, even today, in a world of rapid technological development. And all the same questions are asked by newcomers to this not an easy lesson, which we will try to answer as accurately as possible in this article. After all, needlework and manual craftsmanship never go out of fashion. It is intended not only to create products, but also is a kind of entertainment and a hobby not only for women, but also for some men.

So, the most important point in knitting is the processing of the neck. After all, if it is unevenly tied up or badly hemmed, then the product will not only look bad, but also begin to blossom. We will give you various examples of knitting the neck, which will make your product completely complete and flawless. And we will try to uncover some secrets that relate to various questions about how to knit the neck of a v-shape.

First way

This method will fully solve the question of how to knit the neck with knitting needles. We need circular knitting needles, with their help it will be easy to knit and you won't have to sew the neck, because it will turn out to be whole. But even here there are subtleties, since the secret is not only in the form of needles, but also in the loops.So, one knitting needles need to dial open loops, they will look good, although you can also type edge loops or those that are below. As for the cutout itself, it will be necessary to level on the sloping sections, for this, each loop is knitted from the corresponding loop, which is a row lower. But on flat areas of the notch, a needle is inserted under the edge loop and we pull the thread, passing every fourth loop. And only after, we begin to knit the neck, in a certain sequence, namely: the front - the wrong. Next, close the loop with a needle, so that the edges are elastic.

Second way

This method is used to knit neckline on the needles separately. To begin with, we count the number of loops and make a 1 by 1 elastic. When the elastic has appeared, and it should be about 3 cm, we begin the so-called double knitting. It lies in the fact that the first edge loop is removed, then a nakid is made, then a facial loop is made and then a nakid is again, etc. When the required number of loops has been gathered, we begin to knit as follows - those loops that we put on, we knit with face loops, and throw the rest on the working needle.After that, those loops that we shot on the working needle, we knit with facial loops, and throw the rest on the second needle, and so we repeat 3 more rows. Then we loop the loops through one knitting needles, iron out one, remove the second loops from the knitting needles and iron out, after which we sew from the left shoulder seam with a cross-sectional seam. But to the original side sewn obmetochnym seam closed loop.

Third way

Here we will reveal the pattern of knitting a v-neck.

  • For every fourth row, the decrease along the neckline should be done only if the depth of the notch is 4-5 cm below the chest.
  • For every fourth row, you need to do a decrease once, and in every sixth row - once or twice, only if the depth of the notch is 6-10 cm lower.
  • Subtractions are made in every sixth or eighth row, if the depth is on the waist line.

We proceed directly to the options for knitting a v-neckline with overlap. These options are only two.

Option number 1

Starting from the left shoulder seam, we insert a needle into the first loop and we collect loops all over the cutout. After that, we knit a crossed loop or just a facial loop at the cape forehand.And then knit in a circle. By the way the first row of knit gum. And when we finished the middle of the cape, we remove the central loop as a front loop, we knit the next loop with a purl or also a face loop, drawing it through the removed loops. Thus, it turns out one loop from three. At the end all the loops are closed with a needle, for elasticity.

Information about how to knit neckline is not too much, but in order to understand at least one of the ways you have to work hard, otherwise you will not see success.

Option number 2

The number of loops is odd. First we finish the left side. The middle loop is transferred to the English needle. And we perform the bevel in the subsequent sequence, using the fifth and sixth loops: izn., 1 ps izn., 3 ps. In the inside rows, all the loops should be inside pockets. The subtraction must be done in every fourth row. As for the facial rows, the reductions will be superfluous, so over two purl loops we knit the purl loops. The right side is to finish seven-fold.

And already, when all the details of the product are ready, you need to dial on the circular needles for the beiks, starting from the shoulder seam and attach a loop from the safety pin.Here the loop must be a multiple of two. The first row should be the front. Then we make the gum in the order of the front - purl loop, after which we attach the middle loop with the front loop of the first row.

For clarity, you can watch the video - how to knit the neck. This will help you to better master the material and its subtleties. In addition, regular training will help hone your skills. As a result, you will get beautiful and high-quality products.

Now you know how to knit the neck with knitting needles. This will help you do your own clothes for all your family. After all, there is nothing better than a gift made by yourself.

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