How to hold your back?

Each of us knows that the beauty of any woman -this is not only what its nature has awarded, the correct make-up and beautiful dress. This is something more. Think about what can be remembered past a woman, if we did not see her face or attire? Of course, walk! If a woman has a good posture, this immediately catches your eye.

Perhaps, of course, that you are quite satisfied with yourgait, it is convenient for you to walk this way, and you do not see any reason for improvement. But, a beautiful gait is first and foremost, the correct position of the spine, which is responsible for the work of all systems of the body and organs. Also, a beautiful correct gait ensures the setting of the feet, which in the future does not give rise to certain diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Another plus of the right gait, is that due to it all the muscles are in a tone, and this, as best as possible, emphasizes the figure.

First steps

First of all, you must always observe the correct posture. This is the most important sign of a good gait.

  • It is necessary to raise the shoulders high, as far asyou can, in this position, you need to take them back and then lower them. Simply does not happen, this is it - right posture. In daily walking, too, we have a lot of nuances from which to get rid.
  • The important point - forward first moves the foot, and then the trunk. Otherwise, the gait will look very rough and awkward.
  • Also, the length of your step should equal the length of your undeveloped foot. At a very wide step it will be inconvenient to walk, because there will be tremors in the body.
  • Correspond to the step should also be the movement of the hands, but, in no case, they should not have your pockets. This not only hinders the gait, but also worsens blood circulation.

Do not think that mastering the skills of the gracefulgait will be very simple, it is in its own way too laborious work. But, to help you come special exercises, with which you can learn the correct campaign, and also learn how to keep your back straight.

Strengthen the spine

It is very important to learn in the morning notjump out of bed when the alarm rings, because the spine does not tolerate much sudden movements, then intervertebral disks can move, which in the future will affect the internal organs. It is important to wake up gradually: get a good stretch, hands, feet, and thus not with socks forward, but on the contrary - with heels. You can turn on your stomach. Stretch like a cat and only after that, leaning your hands on the bed, get up.

How to keep your back knew even the ancient sages. They called the spine "the pillar of life." To strengthen it, there are even special exercises:

  • Lie on the floor, spread your hands to the sides. Lift your head, strain the muscles of your neck, at this time pull the socks on yourself. To die in this position for 5-10 seconds. Repeat 5 times.
  • Sit on your feet, at the same time, take your hands back andall the power to clasp the ankle joints with the hands. Then slowly bend forward, touching the forehead with the floor. Try to transfer weight from the body to the head and stay seconds 20-30 in this position, while gradually increasing the load.
  • Sit on a chair, slowly put your hands behind your head, strongly bend and preferably stay in such a strained position, counting to 5. Repeat 5 times.
  • Stand up, slowly put your hands behind your back. Then make the lock, straining your hands tightly. Gradually relax and tense again. Make 5-10 times.
  • Get on your knees, firmly grasp the chair and strongly bend in the lower back. Be sure to stay in this position for 10 seconds, repeat 7 times.

Learn the correct posture

Before you learn the correct posture, you must know how to hold your back.

  • For this, there is also a set of exercises,which will not take a large amount of your time and does not require any special conditions. Here the main thing is to observe the regularity of these classes. But, one-time training also does not interfere, they are useful, but the desired result is unlikely to bring.
  • It is desirable to perform the exercises in front of the mirror to see all the minuses of your posture, to control whether you are standing right and whether you are following the movements correctly. Each exercise must be repeated 10 times.
  • A psychological impact onposture. You can just remind yourself in the daytime about the correctness of the gait with these words: "I know how to keep my back straight," "I keep my posture," "I have a beautiful gait," "I attract the attention of others." This will also work without fail.

Now you know how to learn how to hold your back,how to master the skills of the ideal gait, and how to maintain the posture. Adhere to simple rules, do daily exercises and the views of passers-by will stop at you.

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