How to increase eyelashes? Eyelash extensions: reviews

Types of building

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No trendy mascara can make eyelashes so voluminous and thick, as they are shown in advertising. Any woman sooner or later understands this. The main advantage of building up is that you no longer have to spend your time on makeup. You will always look bright. Have you ever wondered how much it costs to grow eyelashes in a beauty salon? The average price is 2500 rubles. If you do not want to spend that kind of money, we advise you to read our article and build it yourself at home.

So, there are several types of this procedure. The easiest is the beam (Hollywood) building. It is optional to glue bunches on all eyelashes. Enough to fix a couple of pieces. They will look very nice on the tips. In this way, the so-called theatrical effect is achieved. You can choose multicolored shiny beams.They will give expressive look, perfectly complement the evening look. You should also say that this method of extension is the fastest, but lashes do not last long, about three weeks. After this time, a correction will be required. Where to build eyelashes? Try it yourself. Of course, you can go to the best salon in your city and spend a lot of money, but we assure that the result will be the same if you paste the eyelashes yourself. The main thing is to choose them correctly. Prefer natural materials. Also buy quality glue.

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The Japanese (by-the-mouth) extension is a more labor-intensive process, but it allows you to achieve the most natural effect. Artificial glue is attached to each of your eyelashes with a special glue. Eyelashes will be held for about a month, but you can make a correction at any convenient time.

What is necessary

Many women want to increase eyelashes at home, but they think that this is too complicated a process. This is a myth that we are called upon to dispel. Learning technology is much easier than it seems at first glance.First you need to stock up on the necessary materials. You will need two types of tweezers: regular (for extension) and separation (so that all eyelashes are not stuck together), special glue, a set for eyelashes, and also a makeup remover that does not contain oil.


You should follow certain rules to increase eyelashes. Reviews of girls who carried out this procedure, say that it is best to buy natural materials. They are much more pleasant to the touch than artificial, and look much better. You should not use eyelashes that differ significantly in length from your own. It will look unnatural. If you are building up for the first time, start with the Hollywood version. Buy several types of beams, different in density. This will help determine which one is more appropriate for you. Another very important nuance. False eyelashes should not be the same color as your natural. Retreat on two tones - what you need.

How to increase eyelashes? Japanese technology

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This process requires accuracy and thoroughness. Spread out all the eyelashes on a small flat saucer.Pick up one thing with ordinary tweezers and grease it with glue along the entire length. Using dividing tweezers, move the extreme lash and attach an artificial one to it. Gently press. In order to achieve the effect of pomp, in no case should not leave gaps. To achieve naturalness, stick the cilia, skipping one. After completing the process, try not to touch your eyes for several hours. As you can see, at home it is very easy to build eyelashes. Reviews of girls who have already experienced this on themselves, say that before the process, you should conduct a test on the sensitivity of the eyes: stick a few pieces and wait a day. If discomfort and allergic reactions do not occur, then you can get to work. For any eye disease, for example, such as conjunctivitis, it is not worth building up. Another very important point. If your cilia are weakened, artificial ones will stay poorly. To restore your own, you should daily lubricate them with olive oil. Then the eyelashes grow strong.

Hollywood eyelash extensions at home

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This technology is slightly different from the previous one. First you need to wipe your eyes with makeup remover. Make the most of your eyelashes. After that, let them dry a little. Unpack the bundles and place them on a saucer. Take a tube of glue and squeeze it out. Using tweezers, raise your eyelashes and smoothly apply artificial ones closer to the roots. Try to stick the bundles evenly along the entire line, not too close to each other. It is very important not to overdo it. Remember that excessive lush eyelashes will look unnatural.

American build

If you still think how to lash your eyelashes yourself, we present you the American technology. It is very similar to the Japanese, but it has one significant difference. Silicone eyelashes are used as a material. They are very comfortable and you can wear them for up to forty days. At cost, they are much more expensive, but they look amazing. If you think about how much it costs to grow eyelashes in the salon, there will be a tidy sum. Approximately 2500-3000 rubles you will give for two hours of work.Buying materials and doing the work yourself, you not only save a lot, but also get invaluable experience.

eyelash extensions reviews

After you have made eyelash extensions, you should wait until the glue dries. On the tube must be written how much time it takes. The first procedure will take a significant amount of it. It is not recommended to hold it before leaving the house. When you put your hand, you can spend no more than half an hour.

What other types of extensions?

There are a lot of different techniques. We will highlight a few basic options for how to increase eyelashes.

  1. Full build.We already mentioned it, it is a universal look. Runs around the perimeter. Its goal is to achieve the desired volume and effect of the carcass.
  2. Incomplete build-up.This is done if the woman’s lashes are very long, but I want to give them some volume.
  3. Theatrical.If you have rare cilia by nature, you need a special approach. This technology is performed in two rows.
  4. Adding corners.Adding eyelashes occurs at the outer corners of the eye. This option is ideal for those who themselves have bright eyelashes. If desired, you can paint them.
  5. Creative- allows you to get a puppet, fox or squirrel effect. Here you can experiment with different cilia in length and color. This also includes decorating with rhinestones and stones.

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How to care for false eyelashes?

After we told you how to build up your lashes, you should go to the question of caring for them. It is much more difficult. In order for them to please you for three months and firmly held, it is necessary to exclude means for removing makeup, do not use mascara, eye shadow. Also minimize any mechanical stress. Every time before going to bed, remind yourself that you cannot rub your eyes.

To remove damaged cilia, use olive oil or a special tool. Using a cotton swab, clean the surface. In just a few hours you will remove your eyelashes with a paper napkin.


It is not recommended to hold the extension, if you have too sensitive skin. Also, contraindications are conjunctivitis and blepharitis in history. Wearing contact lenses is permitted.

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Eyelash extension is an easy process that doesn’t take too long, but be prepared for the first time you need at least a couple of hours. We all strive to be charming.They do not pay for natural beauty, they create it with their own hands. Always remember this.

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