How to get to Istanbul?

December 25, 2014
How to get to Istanbul?

Istanbul is an ancient Turkish city with an amazing history and unique sights. It is believed that this city is representative of all epochs at once, because at one time it was the capital of the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Latin empires. Istanbul is one of the most popular cities among tourists. You can come here at any time of the year. In order to decide how to get to Istanbul, you should decide which type of transport suits you best.

Flight by plane

Flights from the capital Moscow-Istanbul depart from the airports of the capital daily. Flight duration approximately 3.5 hours. To cross the air border, a visa is not required, just a passport is enough. The most budget and profitable option - charter flights.

Car travel

The longest way to go. It lies through Ukraine. Departure from Moscow to the M2 highway in the direction of Kaluga, then Bryansk.The border with Ukraine intersects after Sevsk, then follows Nezhin, then the path keeps to Odessa. From Moscow to Odessa about 20 hours drive. Next, you need to drive to the seaport, from where ferries depart to Istanbul. The ferry crosses the Black Sea. This route is the longest, but during the trip it will be possible to see a huge number of attractions, as well as make a fascinating voyage - sail through the narrow Bosphorus, which connects the Marmara and Black Sea. In the seaport strict customs control is provided, because it is the sea transport that is used by the “shuttles”.

More information about the location of the city can be found in our article Where is Istanbul.

Railway communication

Istanbul can be reached by train. There will be one transfer on the way. The train Moscow-Sofia (Bulgaria) departs from Kievsky railway station. Upon arrival, transfer to the Sofia-Istanbul train. You can go on the bus, constantly plying in the direction. Travel time from Sofia to Istanbul both by train and by bus will be approximately 12 hours.This method is recognized not only the most tedious, but also expensive. Paperwork, obtaining visas, rather high prices for tickets - in a word, such a trip is for an amateur.

Bus ride

Direct bus tours - a rarity, so the way to come through Europe. The only inconvenience of such a trip is to have to issue transit visas when traveling through Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania. If you go through Greece, the journey will take about 20 hours.

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