How to fry meat in a frying pan

Frying is a certain technical treatmentfood, in the process of which everything is cooked in hot vegetable oil. In this way, you can cook anything, including meat. Fried meat is one of the most delicious dishes, it can not be compared with anything else. The article will describe in detail the process of cooking meat.

So, how to fry the meat in a frying pan? First, you need to know what kind of process you need to select a pan. An important role is played by its size. If the product is deep-fried, choose a deeper pan, since there should be a lot of oil. Also, the advantage of a large frying pan is that when meat is placed in it, the temperature of the heated oil does not practically change. There is one secret that all leading chefs know - if you wish to fry pieces of meat, the container should be chosen so that they do not come into contact, otherwise the product will simply stew in the resulting juice, and not be fried.

Many people before frying meat in a frying pan,are asked whether to use oil and how much? Usually it is prepared with a lot of butter or vegetable fat. And the expected result depends on its number. But for those who want to cook a more useful dish, which will be much better absorbed, it is recommended to fry in a frying pan that has non-stick coating. Also, the amount of oil and its availability depends entirely on the dish that is being cooked. If veal chops are roasted, they are immersed in the incandescent oil completely and are cooked until a golden crust appears on them. If a thick steak is prepared, then it is fried in a frying pan, slightly oiled.

Looking for the answer to the question of how to fry the meat onit is important to know which part of the carcass is better to choose. It does not matter at all here, pork is roasted or beef, the main thing is that the meat pieces are soft, since the harder parts may require longer cooking, for example, quenching.

If we talk about time, then many do not know,how many fry the meat in a frying pan. It is important not to overdry during cooking. For this purpose, first a piece of meat is fried on high heat in two directions, then the fire is reduced and frying takes place already on a weaker, about 15 minutes. Thanks to this cooking technology, the meat remains soft, juicy and not dry at all. All kinds of steaks, escalopes and meat patties are fried only so.

The softness of the product depends on whether it is youngor not. Old meat, as a rule, is not suitable for frying in a pan, more for extinguishing. Meat pieces will be softer if you pre-cut them off with a special hammer. There is also another important point - to cut pieces of meat for frying should not be along the fibers, but across. It is cut in this way, it will practically not release liquid. Also for the juiciness of the prepared product, one more thing can be observed: to salt meat not before roasting, but shortly before full cooking, in about two minutes.

With how to fry the meat in a frying pan, everything is clear,but it is equally important to know how to determine its readiness. It is very easy to learn this. For this purpose, a piece is punctured with a fork or incised, if blood or cloudy pink juice is released, the meat is not ready. The product is ready for use only if a transparent liquid is released during piercing.

There is one most common recipecooking meat in a frying pan is a pork steak. It is quite simple. This will require meat, onions, garlic, lemon, mustard, sugar, vegetable oil and seasonings, including salt and pepper. Pork is cut into steaks, approximately 1 centimeter thick, and pieces are beaten. After that, the meat should be kept in marinade for about 3 hours: lemon, mustard, onion, garlic, oil and salt. Then, on a well-heated frying pan, the meat is fried on both sides.

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