How to freeze mushrooms for the winter. Cooking Frozen Mushrooms

Mushrooms are a great product. A huge number of different dishes are prepared from them. But fresh, they can be a short time. Therefore, people have come up with many options for their storage. One of them is freezing. Experienced housewives believe that this is the most useful method of canning.

how to freeze mushrooms

How to freeze mushrooms? This procedure does not take much time. But let's talk about everything in order.

The value of the gifts of the forest

Have you ever wondered why many of us are eager to learn how to freeze mushrooms for the winter? The answer is simple. It is desirable that this product is present all year round in our diet. But the mushroom season is short-lived, so you have to use all sorts of tricks to keep the valuable and nutritious product as long as possible.

Mushrooms - the inhabitants of our forests - have many wonderful properties. That is why they are appreciated from ancient times.

  • First, they are simply a store of useful micro or macro elements. They contain nicotinic acid, sulfur, phosphorus, all the necessary vitamins. In mushrooms, there is lecithin, which saves us from harmful cholesterol. And ergotionein, also present in them, serves as a powerful antioxidant.
  • Secondly, the nutritional value of these gifts of the forest is great. They are equal to meat, but contain only one percent fat. That is why mushrooms are eaten with pleasure by vegetarians and those who are on a diet.

Mushrooms and our health

how to freeze the white fungus

These forest representatives with cute hats guard our health. For example, boletuses improve metabolism and help with problems with the respiratory system. Especially they are useful for tuberculosis. Milk mushrooms contribute to the removal of stones from the body. Morels are indispensable in the fight against cataracts or age-sightedness. In addition, the benefits of fungi known for cancer. They simply do not allow the growth of malignant tumors. And there were also such cases when, after eating mushrooms, the tumors disappeared completely.

Now you understand why it is so important to know how to freeze mushrooms in order to delight your homemade dishes with them throughout the year.

Advantages of freezing

Among all sorts of conservation methods, one is especially appreciated. If you have not previously thought about how to freeze mushrooms for the winter, it's time to try this fairly common storage option. Remember our annoying ads: "Having tried it once, eat it now"? In this case, these words can be attributed to frozen mushrooms with a clear conscience. Once you save the mushrooms in this way, you will contact it again and again. After all, freezing has tremendous advantages compared to other preservation options.

how to freeze mushrooms for the winter

  • This method allows you to save the natural taste of the product. But it's so nice: in the snowy winter to remember summer or autumn.
  • Frozen mushrooms have the same set of useful substances as fresh ones. After all, they are not subjected to heat treatment, they do not add vinegar and other acids.
  • A big plus is saving time. There are many ways to freeze mushrooms. And they are all distinguished by simplicity, speed and ease of execution.

Freezing rules

You made a reasonable decision if you chose this method of conservation.

How to freeze mushrooms? There are several recommendations from experienced hostesses.

  1. It is better to freeze firm, strong mushrooms. For example, boletus mushrooms, champignons, aspen mushrooms, chanterelles.
  2. For this method of storage you need to take only fresh, recently collected gifts of the forest. Otherwise, the mushrooms will lose all their nutritional value. In addition, they can deteriorate.
  3. Do not freeze wet foods. Mushrooms should be washed, and then dried thoroughly, spreading them in rows on a towel.
  4. It is better to store a semi-finished product in a plastic bag or a container of the same material. Best of all, of course, will be a plastic container, as in this case, the mushrooms will not hesitate and retain their attractive appearance. In no case can not store freezing in a glass jar. Such containers are very sensitive to temperature changes.
  5. Do not forget about the tightness of the packaging. Otherwise, you just spoil the semi-finished product.
  6. You can store mushrooms for a year at a temperature of -18 degrees. This is the best indicator. But if the temperature ranges from 0 to -8, then the shelf life should not exceed one month. Mushrooms that have been cooked can be stored for up to 3 months.
  7. It is advisable to pack a small amount of the gifts of the forest in one bag so that they are enough for 1 time. After all, re-freeze mushrooms can not. Not only do they lose their nutritional properties, but they can also become dangerous. Therefore, correctly count the portions.

If you stick to simple tips on how to freeze mushrooms for the winter, you will always have tasty mushroom dishes on the table.

White mushroom - the king of the forest kingdom

chanterelle mushrooms how to freeze

This solid fungus has many nutritional properties. And his taste is surprisingly pleasant.

How to freeze the white fungus? There are several ways:

  • In its raw form. Mushrooms should be washed, dried and cut into small slices, the thickness of which should be no more than 7 mm. Then put the mushrooms tightly in a plastic bag.
  • Boiled mushrooms. Many are suspicious of raw freezing and do not run the risk of harvested semi-finished products in this form for the winter. Then you should boil the mushrooms. They are poured into boiling water without salt. After 5 minutes, throw back on the sieve, allow to cool and wait until the excess liquid leaves. Then in the same way spread mushrooms in batches.
  • Fried mushrooms. For this purpose it is worth using vegetable oil.Fry the product to complete evaporation of the liquid and light "blush" of mushrooms. Then put them on a baking sheet and let cool. No need to add any spices and seasonings. Then you need to decompose the mushrooms in bags or containers with a lid and put in the freezer.

Now you know how to freeze the white fungus. Nothing complicated, is it?

Chanterelles - forest sunshine among mushrooms

frozen mushrooms how to cook

Fabulous delicious mushrooms - chanterelles! How to freeze them to please yourself and your friends with all sorts of delicacies? Very simple. In addition, chanterelles do not need to carefully sort out, they are rarely wormy. Thus, the process of preparing for freezing is reduced to a minimum.

These mushrooms are best kept no more than 3-4 months, as they are very tender. Ways to freeze a huge variety. These are boiled, fried, and fresh chanterelles. To get it right, use the tips for porcini mushrooms described above. There are no differences in technology.

However, there is another way to freeze chanterelle mushrooms. This can be done with a liquid. In an enamel pan you need to put mushrooms and pour water. They need to cook for 20 minutes on high heat. During cooking, you need to remove the foam and salt.Then spread the mushrooms in containers and pour broth.

You can prepare and stewed mushrooms. Often added to them and other vegetables. When cooking, do not forget about spices. When the dish is ready, it should be cooled and only then put in the freezer. Such semi-finished products are an excellent basis for future Juliens, stews and other dishes.

Defrosting rules

how to freeze mushrooms

Have you decided to get a cake mix and please your loved ones with a delicious dish? Then it should be remembered that it is better not to thaw raw mushrooms. You just need to put them on the pan and then under the lid. Fried or boiled mushrooms can be put first in the fridge so that they thaw out a little. In this case, the semi-finished product will not lose its shape and will look good.

Preparation of mushroom semi-finished products

As you can see, it is not so difficult to store frozen mushrooms. How to cook them? Very simple. If you previously boiled mushrooms, then re-cook them do not need. Most often, semi-finished products are fried, adding spices and seasonings.

From frozen mushrooms, you can prepare toppings for pizza and pies, add them to casseroles and roasts, use them for soups. Independent mushroom dishes are also appreciated.For example, the chanterelles in sour cream sauce will be very tasty. It is necessary to fry them for about 20 minutes in a skillet. If the mixture is thin, thicken with flour. After add sour cream, pepper, nutmeg and stew until tender.

Try wonderful dishes from these semi-finished products, and you will understand that once it was not for nothing that a bag of mushrooms was thrown into the freezer.

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