How to easily grow Ficus home (INFOGRAPHICS)

Breeding methods

For ficuses there are three ways of reproduction:

  1. Cuttings;
  2. air layouts;
  3. sheet.

When using the first method, a young twig or a small stem with young leaves is selected, the cut is dried and placed in a soil mixture or water.

To speed up the rooting process, flower growers use soil heating, when the container with the primer and cutting is wrapped in polyethylene and sometimes ventilated.

They accustom themselves to the air of the room by increasing the time without coating, but this is recommended only after the first leaves appear. A month later, the ficus can be planted in a permanent pot.

The next method is reproduction with the help of aerial slips. To do this, either remove the strip of bark about 2-3 cm thick, or make oblique notches. In this place moss is applied and on top of it tightly covered with polyethylene. Moss should initially be wet. After some time, the roots will begin to appear.After that, the plant is cut off and transplanted into a new pot.

Leaf propagation is the same propagation by cuttings as in the first case, but with slight changes. It should have one large leaf on the handle, cut at an angle. Such a stalk is placed in a prepared container with the soil, and the sheet is rolled up into tubes and fixed in something like this.

Ficus: growing and care in the home

When rooting in any way, the temperature regime is observed: about 25 degrees of heat or at least without sudden changes in temperature and drafts. Humidity is also important - its level should reach 80%.

The optimal time of the beginning of all the above operations is spring or the beginning of summer, so that the ficus could “settle down” in a new house.

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How to easily grow Ficus home (INFOGRAPHICS) image, picture
How to easily grow Ficus home (INFOGRAPHICS) 46

How to easily grow Ficus home (INFOGRAPHICS) 20

How to easily grow Ficus home (INFOGRAPHICS) 8

How to easily grow Ficus home (INFOGRAPHICS) 92

How to easily grow Ficus home (INFOGRAPHICS) 29