How to ease the pain of childbirth without medication

After listening to the stories of experienced friends and reading books, most expectant mothers are afraid of infernal pain in advance and program themselves for fear and suffering. But there are ways that will help to calm the pain without drugs.

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The expectant mother needs to accept that pregnancy and childbirth are normal physiological processes. Accordingly, pain during childbirth can not be unbearable. This is a natural phenomenon that absolutely no need to fear. The intensity of pain affects many factors: the individual characteristics of women, her health, pain threshold, as well as psychological mood.

A huge role before childbirth is played by the fear of the unknown and the psychological mood for the "death agony." Therefore, during the appearance of the baby mom, stress hormones are released into the mother’s blood. These substances provoke a spasm of blood vessels, muscle tension, a reduction in the pain threshold. Accordingly, the very expectation of pain leads to the emergence of real discomfort.

CONCLUSION: the expectant mother needs to tune in to the fact that childbirth is work.Therefore, it is important to prepare for them psychologically, as well as carefully listen to the doctors and do not panic.

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Ways to reduce pain during childbirth


Properly prepare for childbirth and tune in to the process itself helps a special system of exercise designed for expectant mothers. They are designed to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, hips, pelvis. It is also desirable to master the psychotherapeutic methods of dealing with fear. One of them is relaxation. For example, periodically choose a convenient moment, ventilate the room, take a comfortable posture and concentrate on your breathing. To the beat of slow inhalation and exhalation, take turns relaxing all parts of the body, rising from the feet to the neck and face.

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This is a great way to relieve pain during labor. Thanks to massage or self-massage in the skin, nerve endings are stimulated, which send impulses to the cerebral cortex. When they spread faster than pain signals, they are able to reduce pain.

Therefore, during painful contractions, it is recommended to massage the lumbosacral area with palms or fists.knead or press dimples over the buttocks. It is also better to stroke the lower back and rub it in a circular motion.
Another effective self-massage is massaging the point on the back of the hand where the bones of the thumb and index fingers converge.

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If the doctor, leading the childbirth, permits, then during labor, a woman can choose for herself the most comfortable position that will help her ease the pain.

Many women in labor during the next bout stand, walk, lean against the back of the bed, squatting. The fact is that active behavior not only reduces pain, but also stimulates the progress of the baby through the birth canal and improves uterine contractions.

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An anesthetic effect can be achieved through a special respiratory technique. It lies in the fact that at the very beginning of the contraction it is necessary to take a full exhalation through the mouth and then take a deep breath through the nose.

The duration of inhalation and exhalation should be related as 1: 1. During an increase in the intensity of contractions, you can breathe “like a dog” - often and superficially.But at the very beginning of the fight it is still better to take a deep breath and exhale.

In addition, when at the end of the first period of labor the baby’s head is already falling down, and there is a desire to push, this cannot be done yet. To overcome the urge to attempt, you need to take a full breath and take a deep breath, and then breathe on the count - 3-4 short breaths.

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If there are no contraindications, then in the first stage of labor you can take a warm bath or shower. The fact is that warm water can reduce pain, relax muscles and helps to relax in the period between contractions. True, the bath and shower can be taken only until the amniotic fluid is poured.

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