How to draw cartoon characters?

Despite the fact that bright and spectacular images of favorite cartoon characters were created by experts, in principle it is not difficult to repeat this or that character. It is important to identify the main elements of the image of the hero, because each of them has its own characteristics. As soon as you determine which of the features belongs to a particular character, you will understand how to draw a cartoon character. However, there are some basic characteristics of the cartoon characters.

Features in the drawing of creative characters

  • Bright images. As a rule, all cartoons are decorated in bright and rich colors. This is one of the elements of child marketing. Young viewers will quickly remember the hero, and the bright surroundings, unusual for everyday life, add fabulousness to the character. And the color often determines the character of the hero. For example, positive characters are always in bright colors (Pluto, Little Mermaid, Leopold the Cat, and so on), and dark characters are characteristic of negative (sorcerers and witches are always in black clothes).
  • Custom appearance.Cartoon characters are very different from their prototypes. For example, mice, cats and dogs on the screen are not similar to ordinary field mice, domestic cats and dogs. Most often, they are “humanized”: they wear clothes, talk, laugh, dirty things and the like.
  • Facial expressions. All characters are endowed with their own unique character, which artists express in facial expressions. So, for example, moods are underlined by eyebrows, folds around the eyes, smiles, ears raised (if the hero is an animal).
  • Asymmetric forms. The characters can stand out some part of the body or face, and this detail emphasizes the special character of the hero, creates his unique image. For example, in Disney's Mickey Mouse, his ears grew too much, the Bax Bunny hare has two large white teeth, the Pumba boar has fangs, his friend Timon has a half-face smile, Pluto has big round eyes, and so on.

Taking these characteristics into account, you can, for example, understand how to draw Disney's cartoon characters. Before you start drawing your favorite character, it is important to consider some general rules of work.

So, consider how to draw cartoon characters:

  • Carefully look at the character.We reveal its special features: the asymmetry of individual parts (if any), facial expressions, shades. Determine in what mood the hero is, what his character is - is it a positive or negative character.
  • Structurally, we divide the leaf into parts and determine in which of them the future cartoon will be located.
  • Let's outline contour lines: artists start working with ovals and circles in places where there will be a torso, head, paws.
  • Gradually we transform contours into sketches: we draw out separate sections of the head, body and so on from ovals.
  • Starting from the volumetric parts, we gradually reach small details - expressions of the eyes, facial expressions, fingers.

How to draw cartoon characters in stages: we depict Spongebob

  • Draw the base: a rectangle with an extended top. Below - two lines (these are legs), on the sides there are two arcs (arms).
  • Inside the shape we will draw three horizontal lines. They will break the straight into 4 unequal parts. The narrowest top, the widest - the third from the top. We draw a vertical line from the top of the center of the upper part to make the cells.
  • Next to the lines of the arms and legs, we will draw similar parallel lines to give volume to the limbs.
  • Draw a small oval (nose) inside the figure in the center at the intersection of the lines. On the same horizontal line on the sides we make two small brackets (corners of the mouth).
  • The lower part of the rectangle is divided into another horizontal line (the upper part of the pants of Bob).
  • Draw a face: connect the corners of the mouth with a line in the form of a smile. From the center of the mouth down draw two rectangular teeth. Below them, the chin in the form of a recumbent figure three.
  • We draw eyes: they are large and round, in magnitude they fit into two auxiliary rectangles, occupying space from the corners of the mouth to the nose. Inside the eyes are two circles (pupils).
  • At the base of the arms and legs we will make sleeves and shorts.
  • Wrap your face with a wavy line. Paint over the pupils. Draw a tie, add a belt to his pants. In the corners of the mouth - freckles.
  • We finish the fingers and the shoes on the legs. Add circles, holes in the face sponge.

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