How to disable avast?

Avast! - Almost the most famous program among all antivirus programs. Its popularity among the people is enormous, in large part because of its free-of-charge. Unsurprisingly, it is not easy to find somewhere else a program that efficiently catches viruses, and you only have to pay for it if you need to get additional functions.

This is the main difference between the program and various antiviruses, produced both by domestic and Western companies.

But it happens that this program causesusers of the problem, after which they have to think about how to turn off the avast. This need arises most often when you need to install any software, and the antivirus treats it as infected files. Of course, thinking about how to disable avast should only be if you are firmly convinced of the reliability of what you are installing. First, disconnect from the Internet - who knows when an attack may occur on your system. It will not be good if at this very moment you are without protection. So, how to temporarily disable avast?

First, you need to find the antivirus icon in thetray. If you suddenly do not know where it is and how it looks - then pay attention to the system clock next to which the orange ball with the stylized letter "a" - the Avast symbol should rotate!

We click on it with the right mouse button.

In the resulting context menu select itemscreen management. Screen - this is the common name of protective equipment against various threats. In the menu that opens, you will be given the option to stop Avast.

If you thought about how to disableantivirusnik avast, the solution is already found - before you a list of time intervals - from 10 minutes or more. You can stop his work forever, renewing it only when you yourself want it.

After selecting the required item, the program will specify if you really want to disable the antivirus. Push the confirmation.

In how to disable avast, there is nothing complicated. Simple manipulations, thanks to which the work of the antivirus stops for the time you need. Note that the program icon located in the tray has been modified, and if you hover over it, you will see a message that the automatic protection of your computer is disabled.

Sometimes it happens when you need to remove the antivirusat all. Here you can use the standard tools that Windows offers to remove applications. Open the Control Panel, where we select programs and components - look for the antivirus icon and confirm its deletion.

Avast! It is also known for the fact that it can not simply be removed. And this happens not only in cases when the program is corrupted, but also after the most standard deletion. If you still receive a message stating that the antivirus is on the system, you should resort to the solution offered by the developers of the utility. Being aware of the existence of such a problem, they created a special program for uninstalling Avast!, Which can be downloaded from the official website of the program.

Now you understand how to disable avasthe did not spend precious resources on the system and he did not block your attempts to install harmless software. Whatever it was, think about whether it's worth stopping his work altogether? Avast! a good antivirus, which, although not completely guarantees the protection of your computer, but still does not allow any infection to cause harm. Do this only if you are firmly convinced of the harmlessness of the program you are installing. If you doubt that the software you are installing or the site you are visiting is not so secure - it's best not to turn off the antivirus.

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