How to dig a well?

A well is needed on any private farmhouse, wherethere is no possibility to connect to the central water supply. Of course, the owners of those cottages and houses that stand on the bank of the river or lake, can easily establish the supply of life-giving moisture to their home from these sources.

But even a very clean and deep river,flowing near the country house, helps to solve the problem of water supply only partly, because the water from it is unfit for drinking, and only a dug well in the area is able to reliably provide the inhabitants of the house with clean drinking water. Let us consider in more detail how to dig a well with our own hands.

Where and when to dig a well?

A classic mine well makes sense to dig intoIf the aquifer on your site is located at a depth of not more than 15 meters. If the water level is below the specified value, it is better to drill a well.

In order not to be mistaken with the depth of occurrenceaquifer, the well must be digested at the most droughty of the year, late summer or early autumn, at a time when the groundwater level drops to the lowest level

From sanitary and hygienic reasons it is impossibledig a well near a drain pit, a compost or manure pile or near a street toilet. In order to prevent the destruction of the foundation of buildings, the well must be digged no closer than five meters from the house or outbuildings.

Do not dig a well on a slope or on a hillock (insuch places the aquifer lies deep, and before it you will find it difficult to dig out). The ideal place for the well is a flat, not stony piece of land, located in the lowland.

How to dig a well: instruction

In order to dig a well, you will need:

  • shovels (bayonet, shovel and sapper);
  • several coils of thick rope;
  • rope-ladder;
  • scrap;
  • buckets;
  • a large and low wooden board - fiber;
  • chain;
  • Lifting mechanism (winch or self-made powerful tripod with a hoist);
  • working gloves;
  • water pump;
  • cement and gravel.

In addition to all of the above, you will needspecial factory concrete rings, used to strengthen the walls of the well mine. Most often, for the construction of wells, use KS 10-9 rings with an internal diameter of one meter and a height of 90 cm. It is necessary to dig a well at least three in all, without any help in this matter!

Operating procedure

  1. Align the pad in the place chosen forwell. Using a peg and a rope tied to it, draw a circle on the ground, whose diameter is 10-15 cm larger than the outer diameter of the concrete ring.
  2. By marking, start digging a round pit. When its depth is large enough (ten centimeters less than the height of the ring), temporarily stop digging, on a wooden cart, drag the first ring to the pit and gently lower it there. Make sure that the ring stands upright.
  3. Roll it on the second ring and connect it with the first special staples. For greater tightness between the rings, place the hemp tarred rope and seal the seam with cement mortar.
  4. Then from the inside of the ring begin to remove the excessthe earth. Move evenly in a circle, digging the ground near the walls of the ring, and then remove it from the center of the pit. Take the extracted land in a bucket and lift it to the surface. The ring under its own weight will begin to sag and smoothly sink into the soil, along with it will fall and the second ring.
  5. When its top is almost equal to the surface of the earth, hoist on it the third ring and continue to dig.
  6. Do this and continue: evenly remove the ground, lift it to the surface and in the course of string one ring over the other. Under the influence of gravity, the rings will gradually fall lower and lower, and your well will slowly deepen.
  7. When you reach the aquifer andwell water will begin to flow intensively (at the bottom of the well at least three water springs must break through this time), stop the work. Pump out water and washed sand from the pit.
  8. Remove from the well a few more buckets of soil, cover it and wait about a day. During this time, the well must be filled with water again.
  9. After this time, pump out from the wellall the water collected in it, once again, clean its bottom well and pour on it a twenty-centimeter layer of large pure gravel. On top of the large gravel lay a layer of small gravel 30-40 cm thick. Such a stone filter will protect the well from siltation and sand deposition.
  10. Arrange the top of the well. Lay one more concrete ring (the well should rise 120-150 cm above the ground), make a lid, install a gate and build a wooden canopy or house above the well.

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