How to cure prostatitis?

One of the unpleasant diseases in men is prostatitis. More often this disease appears after any previous infection, accompanied by pain during urination and ejaculation. With a more advanced form of the disease, other unpleasant things are added, which gives men the greatest inconvenience and affects their sex life.

From our article you will learn how to cure prostatitis depending on its type, and also we will talk about traditional medicine, as it is suitable for treating any type of prostatitis.

How to cure acute prostatitis

Acute prostatitis is a sudden disease, accompanied by acute pain and often temperature, caused by infection in the prostate gland tissue. Often this type of disease is accompanied by cystitis and may eventually become chronic. In acute prostatitis, pain is observed in the prostate (especially when urinating), and the course of the disease goes in waves (the pain appears, then disappears for a period), but with each new wave the pain gets stronger.

And here it is very important to consult a doctor in time, because with each new cycle the likelihood of serious inflammatory diseases increases, and in addition, this form of prostatitis can even lead to infertility. With this type of prostatitis, you cannot massage the prostate. This type of prostatitis is treated with antibiotics. The first step is to pass tests for determining sensitivity to antibiotics. Specialists usually prescribe the following medications: tetracycline, quinolone, or trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole.

Drugs must be taken in a course up to 12 weeks. If the disease does not go away, the dose of antibiotics is increased along with the course of treatment. In some cases, surgery is required. Sometimes with this type of prescribed and drugs such as ciprofloxacin, carbenicillin, erythromycin. In addition to drugs prescribed and anti-inflammatory drugs. Of course, the feasibility of taking certain drugs is determined only by a specialist.

In the treatment of the acute form of prostatitis, physiotherapy sessions and procedures such as baths and enemas are very useful - they usually use various medicinal herbs.In addition, the treatment is also used special candles, but only according to the testimony of the doctor. Together, these activities allow even in advanced cases to achieve significant progress and save the patient from unpleasant symptoms.

We treat non-bacterial prostatitis

The occurrence of non-bacterial prostatitis, as the name implies, is not associated with infection, but the inflammatory process still occurs. Of the symptoms, we note periodic pains during urination, which may either get worse or weaken. Non-bacterial prostatitis for the time being can hardly bother a man, however, when pain arises, one should be alert.

Since the occurrence of non-bacterial prostatitis is not associated with infection, antibacterial drugs do not always help, but doctors still prescribe them in small courses. And for more effective treatment, physiotherapy is suitable, and measures are also needed for general strengthening of the body. Often the doctor may prescribe a special diet and warm baths. By the time of treatment of this type of prostatitis can reach up to six months.

Also a very important role in the treatment of this disease has a way of life that patients lead. It is necessary to move more, do physical exercises, loading muscles, spend time outdoors as often as possible, eat right. In addition, it is necessary to give up bad habits (alcohol, smoking) and take vitamins.

Inflammatory asymptomatic prostatitis

Asymptomatic prostatitis is a difficult to diagnose disease, and it can only be recognized with the help of tests: when asymptomatic prostatitis in the urine, there is an increased content of white blood cells. By itself, the disease is not dangerous if the patient does not have any sexually transmitted diseases (for example, gonorrhea) or does not require surgery on the prostate gland. And treatment may also be required for infertility.

A very effective way to treat inflammatory asymptomatic prostatitis is a special massage. It is performed by a specialist, and the best effect is achieved when the massage is performed three times a week and at the same time another type of therapy is used - for example, antibacterial with antibiotics.

Treatment of folk remedies

Folk remedies perfectly help to cope with this ailment, and if you follow the recommendations below, the disease can recede.

  • Drink water as often as possible, it helps to remove the infection from the bladder. Or drink cranberry juice.
  • Take a decoction of herbs: echinacea, chamomile, ginseng. Herbs have antibacterial and immunostimulating effects, and also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • The daily menu should contain biological supplements that have antioxidant properties.
  • In stressful situations, take a sedative, and better avoid negative situations.
  • Change your diet. The menu should be dominated by vegetables, whole grains, decoctions of herbs, fruits. And also the portions should be small: it is better to eat a little, but more often than not, filling the stomach with harmful products in large quantities.

Causes of prostatitis

To protect yourself from this unpleasant disease, read about the most important factors that influence the appearance of this disease:

  • hypothermia;
  • constipation;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • sexual abstinence (for a long time), as well as excessive activity;
  • any chronic diseases and already transferred venereal and urological diseases;
  • poor immunity.

This disease can occur in the male at any age, but more often men after the age of 50 become ill with prostatitis. The most common form of the disease is non-bacterial. Other types of prostatitis are rare.

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