How to cover the roof?

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How to cover the roof?

Having decided to cover the roof with your own hands, first of all you should ensure the exceptional quality of the work performed. Protecting the house from the weather is extremely important, and there can be no trifles in this matter. Untight, holey roof is incompatible with comfortable living in the house, and, in the end, just dangerous.

How to properly cover the roof

Before you start overhauling an old or installing a new roof, you need to examine its structure. The main structure supporting the roof is a frame made of rafters. It is the form of this frame that determines the appearance of the future roof, and predetermines its structural strength.

The construction of the roof begins with the construction of the truss structure. Rafters are made of edged boards with an average thickness of 50 mm. The width of the board varies from 150 to 250 mm. Sometimes instead of a board use a bar. In the choice of material for the manufacture of the lag, it is necessary to take into account the load acting on the future roof. Also, the load on the logs depends on the frequency of the vertical posts. The greater the load, the stronger and thicker the logs should be.Assuming a particularly large load, in the manufacture of a log, instead of boards, timber is also used.

After installing the rafters and fixing the log, the so-called lathing is performed - the almost finished roof frame is sheathed with boards on top. The frequency of crates is directly dependent on the material of the future roof. So under the soft roof is made of solid plywood shield, too thick crate under it is not needed. If the roof is covered with slate or tile, logs must be installed thicker. These materials are quite heavy, respectively, the design of the roof should be particularly durable.

It should be borne in mind that logs will need to be taken out of the wall. The size of such removal varies from 30 cm and more, it is sufficient removal of the lag that will reliably protect the wall from rain and snow. Lags while not just fall on the wall, and securely attached to them. It is possible to fix the roof on mortgages; metal or wood is used as this, logs are subsequently attached to mortgages.

Having thought about the question of how to cover the roof yourself, special attention should be paid to the measurements and markings of the future roof, where each size should be maintained.Only if all the parameters are observed, the roof will turn out not wavy and hunchbacked, but pleasantly even.

How to roof a metal tile

Metal roofing today is an extremely popular roofing material. And although it is relatively simple to cover the roof with this material, certain skills in this matter will not interfere.

First you need to determine how many roofing sheets will be needed. To this end, measure the length and width of the roof slope, remembering that for each sheet of metal roofing tiles it is necessary to give 4 cm of stock. This stock is needed because one side of the roofing sheet will have to block the eaves, which will create a well-ventilated space. At the end you need to measure the roof diagonally. The roof is examined, the detected defects are eliminated, the lathing is adjusted so that its lower edge coincides with the bottom line of the sheet metal. Before you begin, you need to check the availability of tools. For roofing work you will need a hacksaw, electric drill, metal shears, electric saw.

The safety margin of the “skeleton” of the future roof, that is, its roof system must be calculated so that it is enough not only to maintain the roof, but also to resist strong wind and heavy snow.Experience shows that 1m? system must withstand a pressure of 200 kg. Before starting the roofing work, it is necessary to level the surfaces of the bearing walls with a coupler, install a floor bed, and ensure waterproofing. Subrafter basis is made of girders, racks and struts.

In no case can not attach roofing sheets directly to the rafters! At first, it is necessary to make a crate from a metal profile or from boards, and already to the crate, you can fix the metal tile. Installation of a gable roof should be started from the end, hip roof - from the highest point of the constructed frame. Sheets are overlapped when a new sheet covers the previous one.

The metal tile is fastened to the crate and to the ridge with screws or with screws. The end strips are attached to the extreme waves of the roofing sheets and to the crate. Begin this work from the bottom and gradually move up. At the end of the ridge are attached to the upper edges of the roof.

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