How to choose a selfie stick

How to choose a selfie stick

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In the XXI century, more and more often we are watching the emergence of new technology. And cameras are no longer so popular in order to take certain pictures, because you can use the latest phones, smartphones, tablets. Since their camera is gaining more and more turns. Not so long ago, a new type of photographs became popular - selfies. In order to be photographed in this way, it is no longer necessary to ask someone, this can be done independently by using the front camera.

Selfies we see on all social pages, such as Instagram, Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. And in order to make such photos it was much easier, so that it was possible to reach more people and the environment, they invented a special monopod - a stick for selfie.

In fact, this invention was invented by the Japanese back in 1995, but at that time it was included in the list of unnecessary things. In 2015, the company came to the conclusion that such an accessory would be a very good addition to selfies in companies. A selfie stick is about the same monopod that is used for a camera, but already adapted for phones.

If you decide to purchase this accessory, get ready for a difficult choice.

The simplest option would be a simple telescopic stick; devices with batteries can be more complex.

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