How to breed crayfish at home

Where to breed

To do breeding crayfish, it is better to acquire a farm. For breeding crayfish such requirements are necessary:

  1. First you need to grow embryos in special aquariums for incubation. Aquariums should be well heated, have compressors and high-quality ventilation system.
  2. Next, you need to equip the pool, in which the cancer individuals will grow to a certain stage (acquiring the form of fingerlings).
  3. We dig out and equip several ponds (2-4 pieces). The more ponds, the more replenishment of crayfish. On the area of ​​the pond should be 25 square meters, and its depth reaches 2 meters. By the way, it is better to dig out an oval-shaped pond, in such a pond the gas exchange process is much better. It is desirable to have flowing water in them, so ideally having a river nearby (if not, you can drill wells).
  4. We fill the bottom of the pond with stones, pipes, stumps, etc. This will make a good crayfish hideout.

Acquisition and reproduction

It is very difficult to acquire crayfish larvae, it is easier to grow yourself.

We go to the store or to the market, and acquire adult individuals. It should be remembered that there are 2 females per male.

Crayfish mate in the fall, and at the end of spring you can easily recognize the female (there will be eggs under her tail).
You can not even spend money on the acquisition of crayfish, and independently catch them in the rate.

As mentioned above, the crayfish mate in the fall season, mostly - this is the September-October month.

Cancers males fertilize immediately a pair of females, but if there is another one nearby, then she risks to be eaten.

From the beginning of conception, the eggs are held by the female under the armor, and then transferred to the tail. For proper development, the eggs are constantly washed by the female. The larvae appear after a couple of months, but for 3 weeks they are in place (guarding against possible dangers). After, crustaceans forever leave because of my mother's care.How to breed crayfish-Step 2

The female can grow about 12 larvae (in free habitat), but not more than 20 larvae throughout the year.
It is artificially real to triple the number of offspring.

Breeding in the pond

In the beginning, you need to prepare a pond, thoroughly clean it from silt and all kinds of garbage. It is quite easy to add carps, perch, crucian and other fish to the crayfish. The main thing when breeding crayfish is to carefully prepare the pond for winter (so as not to freeze over).

Since, at a temperature of heat less than 15 degrees, the crayfish fall asleep. And once they fall asleep, they do not eat, because of what they lose weight.
And if your pond is not deep enough (or the frost is strong) and is covered with ice to the full depth, then all the crayfish will die.

But still, entrepreneurs want to breed crayfish in ponds.

After all, only there will be the necessary self-cleaning system and the natural process of updating water.
Great savings seem to be due to the fact that there is no need to buy filters, and less feed is required. After all, the crayfish in the pond are able to find food for themselves: the larvae, the necessary algae and plankton.How to breed crayfish-Step 3
Only the growth of crayfish in the pond is not very intense.

Aquarium Breeding

To breed crayfish at home, you should purchase or construct an aquarium yourself.

  • The tank should not have a frame and contain at least 250 liters of water.
  • Be sure to cover the bottom of the aquarium with various pebbles, sprigs, twigs (in the form of shelter).
  • In order to keep the crayfish from falling asleep in winter, it is necessary to adhere to the temperature regime (preferably +20 degrees) and not to allow drops in the set temperature.
  • The liquid in the aquarium must be constantly aerated, and it is also necessary to provide the aquarium with good filtration.
  • Breed crayfish at the rate of 350 pieces per square meter.
    Of course, the proceeds from the sale will be small, since the crayfish in the aquarium will not grow much, but they will be enough for their own nutrition.

Often the aquarium is used for breeding fingerlings, and then the process continues in the pond.

Remember, the main thing for crayfish is the quality of the aquatic environment, so carefully monitor the purity of the water.

Breeding in the basement

If you have a basement, and you absolutely “do not burn” with the desire to engage in crayfish in your immediate home, then you can resort to his services. Very often, trash is stored in the basement, and in fact, instead, it can be very useful and even generate income.

  • For a start it is better to warm the walls of the basement, the entrance to it, even in the warm season.Such an action is sure to be useful in the winter cold (will protect crayfish from suspended animation).
  • You should also take care of the necessary lighting of the room, it is better to buy a 200 watt light bulb and fix it in the central part of the basement ceiling.
  • To make it a place to hold aquariums, place strong racks along the walls of the basement (to withstand the weight of the aquarium). After all these actions, boldly proceed to the breeding of crayfish, following the previous tips.

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