How to become a Jarl?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
April 22, 2013
How to become a Jarl?

The game, which in a short period of time around the world was able to conquer a large number of players, is called Skyrim. Since people from many countries play it, it has been translated into many languages. This game has something to love. For example, the mysterious vast world of the game with villages, with people who live in them, is amazing.

How to become a jarlom in Skyrim

This question torments many Skyrim players. And for good reason. The so-called Yarles rule in the large nine dominions. The High King of the whole kingdom is the most important person in the game. Beginners fascinates the wonderful world of the game Skyrim, how to become a Jarl they are interested even more than the already experienced players. After all, Yarlov is surrounded by retinues. They have a houskarl, that is, the manager and bodyguard, the head of the city. Each of the fans of this game would like to become a Jarl. And who would not want to get the title of head of the city. He has tremendous privileges. For example, he rules the city, the lands adjacent to it, he can assign the title of "tana" to any person who has shown himself with a good side.In the game, the labels can take one of the opposing sides: the Storm Brothers and the Imperial Legion. But, unfortunately, the game is so mortgaged that a person playing Skyrim cannot become a Yarl. His maximum achievement is the title of "tana." It is difficult and easy to become a tan. It is necessary to perform tasks Jarl. If you have coped with all the tasks, then the earl assigns you a "court", that is, tan, and the reward for the service is a personal hossar.

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