How to beat laziness? Look for the root of the problem

Laziness is a fashionable vice. One or another celebrity allows himself to say that, they say, I would have achieved a lot, if not laziness. That is, it means that the abilities in a person are hidden huge, but they are not realized because the person does not make efforts. In general, this is a kind of coquetry. A talent - a controversial thing. However, we will not concentrate on abilities, but we will now turn to the question "How to defeat laziness?"

In general, it is necessary to distinguish between laziness and fatigue. If you work (learn) more than 8 hours a day, but worry that you can not work for 10-12 hours, then you are a potential patient of a psychotherapist with the diagnosis of "workaholism", and not lazy at all. So you need to immediately cut off this category of readers and recommend them to seek the help of a psychotherapist. It is useless to answer the question "How to defeat laziness?" If a person ignores the needs of the body and the psyche.

If you work insufficiently and can notforce yourself to do the necessary things, then this is another matter. And we need to distinguish between two sources of diagnosis "lazy." In one case, you are lazily accused of others, and you are in principle not bad and so live. Accept advice - these definitions of others can be safely ignored. This means that you want to exploit, and you do not give them the expected result. So you can relax, calm down and live on. But the second case is more interesting, because you are blaming yourself for yourself in laziness. Consider the situation in more detail.

Usually about how to defeat laziness, peoplethink after serious defeats - the exam, which was filled up, the relationship that broke up due to the passivity of one of the partners, the lost profit in business. And then the person firmly decides that it is necessary to overcome laziness in order to achieve more.

Start the fight with the analysis, is it reallyyou need the stated goals. The main problem with motivation is related to the fact that "lazy" people are imposed "beautiful goals" since childhood, and he "just did not want to" in life. Maybe you need for happiness not a prestigious job in the office, but research on microparticles? Not a millionaire husband, but a simple teacher who is in love with literature? Not a new car, but a third kid in the house?

True values ​​often elude us. Think, if you won the lottery, what would you do. Just spending money is boring. Give the setting of the right goal a few hours. It is better to retire from society, take your favorite music and leave to think about nature. Do not think what others say about your goal. Strange goals do not give energy, with them you will be doomed to lifelong ranks lazy, not honorable at all.

If your goal, and overcome laziness does not work,try to analyze what is stopping you. Often things happen in the scarcity of information. You do not want to act at random, but you do not want to waste your power without doing anything - you do not do anything. So you need to look for high-quality information. When you have a description of the experience of other people, you do not have to spend time on inventing a bicycle and you will be able to start a really interesting and motivating work.

Laziness is a form of disguised despair. In this case, a person thinks that his time has passed, he will never win in a competitive struggle, never take the place he is counting on, because he has no abilities. If this is your case, I recommend reading Jeff Colvin's book "Talent with Nothing." She inspires to work, in it on the actual material it is proved that inborn abilities are half-myth. And really outstanding people achieve success due to a special form of work, which the author calls "conscious practice".

If you are willing to change anything in your life,ready to ask questions and look for answers - it means that your case is not at all difficult, and in time you will become an authority for others in the question "How to defeat laziness?".

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