How to bake potatoes?

Anyone who has tried baked potatoes will tell you that he has never eaten anything more delicious than potatoes. But is it possible, and how to bake potatoes in a modern kitchen? Of course, it is possible, but how - we will tell you now. We will bake the potatoes in the microwave and in the slow cooker, and then we will share the wonderful recipe of baked potatoes in the sleeve, which is traditionally one of the best side dishes served with various meat and poultry dishes.

Potato baked in a slow cooker

In addition to the slow cooker and, in fact, potatoes, which should be taken in the amount of 8-10 medium potatoes, we also need 50 grams of butter, 200 grams of hard cheese and pepper with salt to taste. We clean the potatoes, wash them well and make small cuts on each potato - about 1 cm every 0.5-1 cm.

Now cut potatoes need to be put on the bottom of the slow cooker (in a saucepan) and salt and pepper them the way you used to. Butter should be cut into thin slices and put on the plate on each potato.Now we rub hard cheese on a large grater and sprinkle the potatoes evenly. By the way, 200 grams is a very conditional quantity. If you like cheese, you can take more - to paraphrase a well-known saying, you will not spoil potatoes with cheese.

Well, all the preparations are finished, now it remains to choose the “Baking” mode on our slow cooker and charge it for 45 minutes. As soon as the slow cooker warns you about the end of preparation, you can get the potatoes and start the meal.

Baked Potatoes

Microwave Baked Potatoes

Of course, a microwave oven is more suitable for cooking such dishes as, for example, mashed potatoes or potatoes as a side dish, however, baked potatoes can be very tasty in the microwave, only you need to cook it in a special way. To do this, take raw unpeeled potatoes, wash them well and dry them.

After that, we take a special dish for microwave ovens and place a clean linen or cotton towel on its bottom. In principle, if you feel sorry for towels, a package of thick paper will do. Now we lay out on a towel or in a bag, dried potatoes in the peel,however, before this, each potato must be pierced in several places with a fork. Next, close the potatoes laid with a towel and put in the microwave for 5 minutes.

After that, we take out the container (see - do not burn yourself!) And turn the potatoes on the other side - you can simply turn them in a towel or in a package, without opening. Put the bowl of potatoes back into the microwave and cook for another 5 minutes.

It is worth adding that we took the average time. So, if the potatoes are large, time can and even should be increased to 7-10 minutes, or cook, making two visits for each side (a total of 4 visits with a total duration of 20 minutes).

Now we take out the potatoes - you can already eat them. Salt to taste, add herbs (dill, parsley, onion) or even lemon juice if you like.

Baked potatoes in the oven

Potato baked in the sleeve

Potatoes in their sleeves have long been considered one of the best side dishes for meat and poultry. For its preparation, take a kilogram of potatoes, vegetable oil (3 tablespoons), garlic (2 slices), greens (on a branch of dill and parsley), carrots and onions (one by one). You can also add 2 tablespoons of seasoning for potatoes and salt to taste.

Now you need to wash the potatoes with carrots, peel them and cut into slices. Next, clean the onions and cut it into thin rings or half rings (as you like). Then you need to put all the vegetables in one bowl and add the seasoning and vegetable oil, then add salt and mix all this thoroughly.

Now we put the mixture in the baking sleeve and put it in the oven. You need to bake potatoes for about an hour at a temperature of about 180 degrees. During this time, you need to finely chop the greens with garlic, which we mix and, as soon as the potatoes are ready, put them in the cut sleeve. After that you need to cover up the sleeve and let the potatoes stand for 10 minutes so that it is saturated with greens and garlic. That's all - our side dish is ready!

For lovers of cooking in the oven, I propose another excellent recipe described in our article - “How to bake potatoes in the oven?”. And of course, thanks to the Internet, you can now look in advance at photos of practically any planned dishes, in particular, at photos of baked potatoes. Now I bow out and wish you bon appetit!

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