How much to wear braces on teeth to align teeth

Jul 13, 2018

Before the installation of braces in patients there are many questions.Although this practice has already been sufficiently strengthened in dentistry, for many ordinary people braces can still be considered a novelty.The question of the duration of wearing arises among the first.Patients are, of course, interested in a specific period.Can he be called an expert, and with what accuracy?

What determines the duration of the use of dental units

It is this factor, such as the period of wearing braces, often affects the patient's decision to use the apparatus.Always interested in the question, how much time it takes to fix teeth.Even for adults, the installation of such devices can become a serious test in the psychological and physical terms, not to mention children.It is clear thatno one expects to solve the problem for the week, but how long the device will be installed, for a year or for several years, this is of significant importance.Many patients will not risk using braces if they learn about the need to wear even for several years, preferring to leave everything as it is.After all, you need special care, purchase of funds for it, special pastes.It is not always possible to comply with all the conditions of proper use for various reasons.

How much to wear braces


How long do brackets last, on what does it depend on?The period of application of the dental apparatus depends on several factors.They need to be considered in more detail in order to answer the question of how many braces should be worn to align the teeth of.

  • Degree of severity of the defect.Some people seek in the pursuit of an ideal smile to correct even the most minor flaws.Sometimes they are even invisible to the eye.But the desire of the patient is the law, moreover, the correction of such deviations can be dictated by the concern for the health of the teeth, and not just the desire to correct aesthetic negative defects.Treatment of even teeth, especially prosthetics, including, is easier.Some can even look so far ahead.
    Almost ideal teeth can be aligned fairly quickly, in just one year of wearing braces.If the case is more complicated, preliminary diagnostics will be required, without it the definition of terms will become conditional.
  • Presence or absence of some of the features of the dentition series, for example, such as crowding.There may also be a need to remove some of the teeth, since the installation of braces was correct and promoted the expansion of the series.To align the series, it will take, in this case, a longer period.
  • Health of teeth and oral cavity in general.First, if there are problems in the form of caries or periodontitis, then a preliminary treatment will be required.And the period of wearing is reduced if the patient has enough healthy teeth, without pronounced problems.
    How much you need to wear braces to level your teeth

    Children to correct the disadvantages of the structure of the dentition much easier than the adult

  • Age.Now, dentistry has moved far ahead, and there is already no such prejudice that adults can not fix uneven teeth.No matter how old the patient is, doctors take up the problem and the result almost always corresponds to the expectations of the person who applied.How many adults wear braces on teeth?It depends on many factors, but the period of wearing will be longer than for children.The last to correct the disadvantages of the structure of the dentition is much easier.
  • A variant of the braces.Some manufacturers argue that the mechanisms used can shorten the period of use of the device.But, it must be admitted, they affect the duration of wearing not too much.

Thus, it can be concluded that there is no clear and universal answer to the question of how many to wear braces.Everything depends on the specific situation.But there are some statistics that can help determine the average.In addition, you can identify how specific factors affect the duration of use of the device.

Average operating time of


The minimum period, how many it is necessary to walk with braces, can be specified quite specifically.If you decide on the procedure, prepare that the braces should be wornfor at least a year.This is only if the teeth are not twisted too much and you do not need to correct the bite.And children up to 15 years will need the same amount of time to solve the problem, since they have not yet fully developed the dentoalveolar apparatus.

The exact installation time, recall, is determined only after all diagnostic procedures have been carried out.In the future, the period may increase, depending on the response to the device, but insignificantly.Usually, the time specified by the specialist differs from the real, for only a couple of months.
How many adults wear braces on teeth

If the correction is subject to minor defects, the wearing time of the braces will not exceed a year

The average wearing time can be determined based on the following indicators.

  • If the teeth are healthy, and slight defects, such as a barely protruding cutter, are corrected, the wearing period will not exceed a year.
  • If you need to correct the bite, the device will need to be worn for one and a half, two years.Such anomaly of the development of the dentoalveolar apparatus is considered significant.Two years is often more than enough to correct the bite.
  • Two or three years are required to carry the device only if the problems are fixed extremely serious, interfering with the normal development of the jaws.Usually, even transparent transparencies are installed on standard braces for a more reliable fixation of the dental unit as a whole.

Based on the above factors, you can determine the wearing time yourself.This will be an approximate, conditional value.The real term can be used for 3-6 months longer.But healthy teeth are worth every effort.In any case, you need to correct defects, especially serious ones.

Specialists unequivocally recommend the installation of braces, especially for children, to fix defects at tender age is always easier and cheaper.In addition, the child will be rid of psychological problems in the future.Wearing the same braces is now perceived quite normal in any environment.

When the first results appear and how to speed up the process

How long to wear the braces to get the first results?Changes appear after the first month of wearing and this is a good motivation for patients.The bite begins to correct in three months, and teeth by that time almost all get in place.But it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations for care and use, including, and the time of wearing, otherwise the result is not guaranteed.

You need to wear braces

It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations for the care and application of braces, otherwise the result is not guaranteed.

However, it all depends on the case, in some patients the first changes become noticeable in six months.This is normal and should not be intimidated, the effect will be achieved in any case.Each organism and jaw apparatus of each patient is individual.This is especially true for adults, they need more time to correct defects.But there is nothing fundamentally more important in the use of the device for adults.They need to wear braces longer, more attentive to the process of dental care, but the result will be the same, all defects will be eliminated and a beautiful smile is guaranteed.

The result can be achieved after three months, but it is necessary to consolidate the effect, and therefore wear braces for at least a year.The final decision on removal of the device is taken only by the doctor, the patient can not influence his opinion.

How to speed up the correction?Now there are new braces, manufacturers advertise them, pointing out the exceptional efficiency, less wearing time, no need to visit the dentist when using a particular device.Experts recommend that they be critical of such statements.All braces are almost identical to the produced action and themethod does not speed up the correction of the.But if you do not follow the rules of care, then the correction will take more time.

How much time they wear braces

Braces can not be removed by themselves

The parts are affected by food residues, they can become unstuck, deform, which will require an additional visit to the doctor.And if you do not notice the defect of the device in time, then wearing will be useless until the flaw is fixed.

The retention period can not be missed, neglected.For a certain period, wearers are appointed and must be installed.They retain the correct position of the teeth and ensure the safety of the achieved result.

It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations and instructions of the doctor at all stages.If you have any questions, you need to consult an expert.To remove brackets independently it is impossible in no event, only the doctor will define the maximum term of use of a design.In addition, after removing the device you need to install the retainers, which you can not forget.

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