How I learned to cook the right Tom Yam

Yes, yes, it is the right Tom Yam Kung. But when I hear "... and coconut milk?", I immediately want to turn around and go away.
Remember, in the present and correct Tom Yam there is no coconut milk!
Want to argue?
Then argue with the chef of the culinary school and one of the coolest hotels in Phuket Banyan Tree, Vorapong Paench, who taught me to cook classic Tom Yam, and with him a number of amazing Thai dishes in class at his school.
So, who, just like me, loves Thai cuisine, read this post.
In it I will share some secrets that Thai chef told me
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
2. Resting at the beginning of June in Tae in the Banyan Tree Phuket and hearing about the classes in the culinary school, I simply could not afford to miss this opportunity - to get acquainted with Thai cuisine, so to speak, from the other side.
Classes are held here personally by the chef of all the restaurants of the chain on the island, of which there are more than five. His name is Worapong Paenchoo and he is very cool!
As a prelude I will tell the story that happened at the first dinner at the hotel.I really wanted a real Thai spice and I asked the waiter to bring the most spicy dish from their menu. They brought me a papaya salad and ... I lamented that it was not such a salad and spicy. After a couple of minutes, a short Thai with a huge cleaver approached the table and asked what was upsetting me. Hearing about the disappointment in the degree of sharpness, I called for me into the kitchen and together we prepared the same salad of sufficient degree for me sharpness. Well, then, seeing the tears from my eyes, invited me to join tomorrow's classes in the culinary school. So we met ...
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
3. Besides me and my companion, another ... three bloggers came to classes. From Japan.
Very funny girls. As it turned out in the process, they know almost no word in English, they understand absolutely nothing in the kitchen, they hardly know how to hold a knife in their hands, and they hate it sharp. The question is, what came to the lesson?
Although it can even learn to cut garlic slices ...
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
4. On the table in front of us was a huge dish, exuding aromas that traditionally smell the cuisine of Southeast Asia.
Everything in front of you in the photo is used for the preparation of most Thai dishes as accompanying ingredients for sauces, salsa, broths and gas stations. In addition to this set, you need perhaps that chicken, seafood or fish.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
five.The first thing we were taught was, of course, Tom Yam. Classic Tom Yam Kung - with shrimps.
Here's what you need to make base broth:
- gangal root (we often have ginger instead of it, which is wrong), sliced ​​into slices
- Lemongrass stems crushed on the board with a knife
- leek
- hard tomatoes (need less juice and seeds)
- cilantro
- shiitake mushrooms
- lime leaves
- chili pepper (or you can substitute liquid chili sauce)
The whole thing is cut pretty large, as you see in the photo.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
6. In addition, for broth you will need fish sauce, sugar paste (go and cane sugar, or you can do without it at all), Tom Yam pasta, chili, ready-made chicken broth.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
7. Preparing Tom Yam is very simple. Put the broth on the fire, throw in it the contents of the plate with the photo number 5 and bring to a boil. Let him leave for 3-4 minutes.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
8. Now add 1-2 tablespoons of fish sauce, an incomplete spoon of sugar, not sparing tom-pastes and the taste of spicy chili. This is all based on one serving of soup. Let it take another 1-2 minutes
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
9. At the very end we throw shrimps and the thinnest carnation mushrooms, if you find them. If you do not find, well, God bless them.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
10. Everything, now we transfer Tom Yam to the plate and squeeze a slice of lime into it. Lime can be served separately, to taste.
Now we come back to yesterday’s question, why not order Tom Yam in Russia? It's simple, we have it first, for some reason they cook it with coconut milk, and secondly, instead of galangal, they often use ginger, do not put lime leaves, and often use dry stalks or lemongrass leaves.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
12. What else is interesting to show us? For example, fish with spicy sauce. Naturally, with chili.
What is needed for it?
Dorada, pineapple, tomato, garlic, paprika, chili pepper, cilantro.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
13. Chop up a lot of garlic, paprika, pineapple pulp, tomato and cilantro ....
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
14. .. and quite a bit of chili.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
15. It should look something like this.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
16. Then lay out everything chopped in a saucepan and set on fire.
Just ask, in no case do not inhale the aroma! I barely stopped the tears after inhaling the fumes of chili ....
It was tough!
We evaporate about half of the liquid.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
17. Once the salsa is ready, you can fry the fish.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
18. Fish are fried on both sides literally for 1.5-2 minutes each
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
19. Put on a platter and top with salsa
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
20. Culinary lessons Banyan Tree lasted almost half a day, we were shown how to cook about a dozen cool Thai dishes. After the third, I simply put the camera away and focused on the process.
He was worth it
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
21. Well, in the end ... In the end, of course, a certificate!
So I am now a certified Thai cook and ... I can cook a bachelor Tom Yam.
Culinary School at Banyan Tree
Yes, and with coconut milk this is Khong's variation. But only a variation.

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