How does a beard grow?

Anastasia Shostak
Anastasia Shostak
March 19, 2013
How does a beard grow?

Rumor has it that you can accelerate the growth of the beard. Various ways to stimulate beard growth are very popular among men. Everyone knows how a beard grows and that if you shave often, the hair begins to grow faster. There is an opinion that frequent shaving of the face contributes to the structural change of the hair. According to hairdressers, hair due to frequent shaving becomes tetrahedral in its structure, although initially their structure is triangular.

How fast the beard grows

Quite often it is necessary to let go of a luxurious thick beard in a short time. It also happens quite often and vice versa - to slow down hair growth.

The thickness of the beard depends on hormones and genes. A significant change in the hormonal cycle can be an effective way to grow or slow the growth of a beard. But are you ready for such a price on a beautiful and thick beard? Medical treatments are accompanied by hormonal disruptions. Androgens, dihydrotestosterone and testosterone, are the most important regulators of human hair growth.Androgens are essential for hair growth on the chin, in the armpits and in the pubis.

Hair growth on the head does not depend on androgens. Androgens do not participate in hair growth in this area, but they affect the development of female and male pattern baldness.

How much does a beard grow in adolescents

The younger generation is much easier. Hair growth is enhanced, as a rule, the maturing of the young man. But hormones, as before, play a leading role - the nature and time of hair changes and their growth depend on them.

How many years a beard grows

The "fluff" in young men appears within 15-20 years. If you start to shave, as soon as it appears, you can spoil the hair follicles, which can lead to a complete absence of hair in the often-shaved area. For shaving it is necessary to select individually all the tools and a razor. Proper skin and chin care is also needed if you want to have a beautiful and thick beard. It happens that a beard begins to grow earlier than at the age of 15. It's not scary, it all depends on the hormonal background of the young man. Also have an effect on the growth of the beard and the physiological individual characteristics of adolescents.

Denial of fast growth theory

The opinion that a beard after a shave begins to grow faster has been fixed in society. But this theory, in 1963, was rejected. The theory consisted in the following phrase: the acceleration of growth and darkening of a beard’s hair stimulates its shaving. Dr. Berman refuted this theory in his article, published in October 1963, in the journal Science Digest entitled "What Happens When You Shave."

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