Hotel Akin Paradise Hotel 4 * (Alanya, Turkey): photos, description, service and reviews of tourists

Okurcalar is a small seaside village. It is located in the province of Alanya. Since it is located at the very south of the Mediterranean coast, the swimming season in these parts opens in early May. Local beaches are covered with sand. In some places there is a pebble. The climate around Okurcalar is subtropical.

High-rise hotels lined up along the coast in a slender succession. Among them, the hotel Akin Paradise. This is a relatively inexpensive option, which is traditionally chosen by tourists from Russia. Near the hotels are concentrated infrastructure. There are cafes and restaurants, nightclubs and discos, grocery stores and souvenir shops, massage parlors and a tour desk.

Seaside resort

Local hotels are chosen by travelers who prefer to spend their entire vacation at the hotel. Local prices for goods and services are considered the lowest on the entire Mediterranean coast.Tariffs Akin Paradise - the best proof of this. On Tuesdays, a real oriental bazaar is organized in the village. The stalls of merchants are full of fresh fruits and vegetables, delicacies, sweets and delicacies.

How to get there

Okurcalar is located at the very west of the Turkish Mediterranean coast. From Alanya, the village is 30 kilometers away. The nearest airport is Antalya International Airport, approximately 85 km. Nearby seaside resorts - Incekum and Avsallar. All settlements are connected by a highway. It runs behind the territory of Akin Paradise. In high season, a taxi in Okurcalar run around the clock.

The fare is about 150 rubles. Within walking distance from the hotel is a Muslim mosque. Nearest hotels:

  • "Kirman Arikanda de Lux".
  • Litor Resort Hotel SPA.
  • Oz Hotels Sui.
  • "Botanic Hotel Resort".
  • "Botanic Platinum".
  • Mukarnas Resort SPA Hotel.
  • Delfin Deluxe Hotel.

Taxi drivers take tourists from Antalya International Airport to Akin Paradise. The hotel offers a group transfer service. If desired, each traveler can get to Okurcalar on their own, using public transport. At the height of summer traffic jams are formed on the highway behind the village. Travel time increases.


In the vicinity of Akin Paradise Hotel 4 * sandy recreation areas are located. The entrance to the water is gentle and even. The coast at Okurcalar is cut by bays and coves, so the beaches are small but cozy. On the shore of vacationers expect a lot of entertainment. Children ride on inflatable "bananas". Extreme lovers carry on "pills" and catamarans. If you wish, you can rent a yacht or pleasure boat.

A few minutes drive from Akin Paradise Hotel 4 * is a water park. The bath complex functions on its base. Foam parties are held. On the beach is on duty representatives of the tour desk. In their arsenal, a variety of trips along the coast of the resort. Travel agency employees organize celebrations and family parties. Professional photographers offer their services.


Start swimming in Okurcalar in April. At the end of the month the water warms up to 18 ° C. Some vacationers swim in the sea from December to March. At this time, the water area in the coastal zone of the resort reaches a temperature of 17 ° C. Therefore, swimming pools in Akin Paradise Hotel function year-round. In June, the air warms up to 27 ° C. Water reaches 23 ° C.

In July it gets even hotter.In the afternoon, the thermometer shows 30 ° C. The sea reaches 25 ° C. August is the hottest month. At noon, temperatures in the shade exceed 31 ° C. The water area warms up to 27 ° C. The territory of the Akin Paradise Hotel 4 * is almost never empty. Europeans come to Okurcalar in September, October and November.


Excursions in Turkey

Leisure of tourists, vacationers in the resort, organized by representatives of hotels and tour agencies. Travelers are offered to get acquainted with the history of the ancient city of Side. They show the amphitheater, the ruins of pagan temples. Those who go to Alanya visit the Red Tower, the shopping galleries of the old city, and the phosphor cave.

At the reception desk Akin Paradise 4 * (Alanya, Okurcalar) offer individual guided tours. Organize classes diving and rafting. They sell tickets for cultural events in Side, Alanya and Antalya. Those who wish can go on a two-day tour to Ephesus, visit Istanbul and Jerusalem. The Russians are happy to sail on a ferry to the port of Kyrenia. Good reviews regularly receives travel to Cappadocia.

general information

Hotel territory

Akin Paradise Hotel 4 * in Alanya until 2017 was called “Akin Paradise” and “Grand Paradise”.At the moment, he became the property of a large Turkish hotel chain "Maya". In the winter of 2018, construction work was carried out on its territory. A major overhaul of public and residential premises was made.

The hotel consists of five-storey buildings. There are two-level cottages. Ex. Akin Paradise is on the first line. To the sea no more than two hundred meters. At the disposal of tourists 158 standard rooms.

Housing stock

Guests are settled in a typical room, designed for two or three travelers. Each room has air conditioning. There is a private bathroom with toilet. It provides a hairdryer, hygiene supplies. Reserves of liquid soap maid replenishes. The rooms of Akin Paradise Hotel 4 * have beds and wardrobes, TVs and refrigerators.

There are small balconies. The view from the windows opens on the Mediterranean coast or the territory of the hotel. Room service is available around the clock. The service is paid separately and is not included in the price of the voucher.


Entrance to the residential building

At the hotel there is free car parking. Reservation is not necessary in advance.It is located opposite the entrance to the hotel. In Akin Paradise Hotel 4 * (Alanya, Turkey) operates free luggage storage. It is intended for tourists who arrived at the hotel before the scheduled check-in time or are forced to vacate their room long before leaving for the airport.

There is an extra charge for using the electronic safe. The hotel provides laundry, ironing and dry cleaning services. The cost of the service is not included in the price of vouchers. There is also a beauty salon, a hairdresser, an internet cafe, a post office, and a conference room on the territory of the hotel.


If you believe reviews about Akin Paradise Hotel 4 * in Alanya, then at the disposal of travelers a wide range of additional services:

  • taxi call;
  • facsimile communication;
  • copying documents;
  • car rent;
  • currency exchange;
  • the doctor's consultation;
  • organization of business events;
  • High-speed Internet access.

Room service:

  • wet cleaning;
  • replenishment of hygiene products;
  • bed linen and bath towels.


In summer, the animation team is responsible for the leisure of the hotel guests.She conducts morning exercises, aerobics and oriental dance lessons. In the evenings, thematic programs are organized for children and their parents. At the disposal of tourists a gym with exercise equipment and a power zone.

There are pools with water slides. In the bath complex, judging by the reviews of Akin Paradise 4 *, there are excellent jacuzzis, thermal water baths, a hammam and saunas. At the massage you need to register in advance. Medical workers of the center implement health and therapeutic programs. Hotel guests are provided with accessories for playing darts, ping-pong, billiards, chess and checkers. Volleyball nets are tied up on the shores of the Mediterranean. Right on the beach, there are sports competitions and real tournaments between teams of holidaymakers.

For babies

For children of preschool age has a shallow pool. He is in aquazone. Separated from the adult by a special partition. The water in it is warm, there are inflatable toys. Horizontal bars, swings and a sandbox are installed on the playground. At noon, a kids club is open for children between the ages of five and twelve. Tutors and animators deal with the kids.Free cots are available.


Hotel restaurant

At the hotel there are three luxury restaurants. They cook traditional Turkish, European and international dishes. Bars and street bistros serve hotel residents near the swimming pool, in the lobby and restaurant building. In them vacationers are poured wine, beer, lemonade, soda, tea and coffee locally produced. For imported alcohol you need to pay out of pocket.

Recreation area

Private beach

Hotel guests relax on a private beach. It is located three minutes walk from the hotel. Tourists are completely free loungers, mattresses, umbrellas. For towels you need to pay. The entrance to the sea in that part of the coast is pebbly. There are no large boulders and stones with sharp edges.

Cost of

For a standard room, designed for three people, the hotel asks about 100,000 rubles for 15 nights. The price includes all-inclusive meals, the use of infrastructure, beach accessories, high-speed Internet connection.

Check in at the hotel start after 14:00. In the presence of free and prepared rooms, keys to rooms are given to tourists earlier. It is necessary to vacate the apartment on the day of departure before 12:00.In the presence of luggage and bags, the luggage is placed in a free luggage room.

Upon arrival, tourists are required to provide data of a bank card, which is used for collateral. Reception desk staff accept cash. The exchange rate at the hotel is unprofitable. Teenagers under 18 are not eligible for self-registration. The hotel does not accept tourists with pets. The rise to the floors provides passenger elevator.


The hotel is focused on accommodating the following categories of travelers:

  • families with small children;
  • business people;
  • persons with physical development;
  • married couples;
  • pensioners;
  • youth companies.

The ethnic composition of the guests is mixed. The hotel rests a large number of Russians, visitors from Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus, Turkey and Germany.

Positive reviews

Open pool

A large number of tourists from Russia were satisfied with their vacation, held within the walls of the hotel "Akin Paradise Hotel". They give excellent marks to the service, location and infrastructure of the object. According to them, the staff does not solicit tips for their services. At the request of the guests are settled in the neighboring rooms.Provide the ability to choose a room.

Maids regularly impose order, change linens and terry towels. There are no complaints about the restaurant either. Cooks put on the table meat and fish dishes, vegetable salads, fruit slices. Most often give apples, grapefruits, watermelons, oranges. In June and September there are no queues at the bars and restaurants. Reception staff are always polite and delicate. They are willing to respond to requests from guests. Promptly respond and assist with the settlement.

The hotel is recommended to undemanding and budget travelers. It has everything for a rich and safe holiday. Pebbles on the beach is shallow, so you can walk on it barefoot. The shallow depth near the coast allows you to swim in the sea, even for babies. Almost all employees speak Russian. No problems with communication in the hotel does not arise.

The hotel’s restaurant is regularly monitored by the owner of the complex. He actively communicates with clients and takes into account all their comments. Enthusiastic reviews receives the program "Turkish Night". The show is held once a week. The whole hotel staff is preparing for it.Acrobats, dancers, musicians and magicians are invited. Sounds energetic music. Cooks prepare a festive dinner. His menu is replete with delicacies and meat dishes.

The wide range of inexpensive excursions offered by the local bureau allows everyone to get acquainted with the culture and history of Turkey, as well as the neighboring regions. According to the travelers who are satisfied with their rest in the hotel “Akin Paradise Hotel”, the hotel fully corresponds to the declared 4 * category.


  • well-groomed area;
  • varied diet;
  • attentive and unobtrusive staff;
  • abundance of additional services;
  • sightseeing escort;
  • own beach;
  • proximity to the coast;
  • excellent transport accessibility;
  • low prices;
  • developed infrastructure.

Negative impression

Not all tourists are satisfied with the time spent within the walls of the hotel "Akin Paradise Hotel". They have a lot of complaints. Guide accused of spoiled vacation. According to travelers, parents are settled separately from children. Family rooms with adjoining rooms are available with a delay of several days. Many apartments are cleaned very badly.

Receives an abundance of complaints of faulty plumbing. The toilet system does not work, the taps and shower heads are leaking. In the evening and at lunchtime the pressure of the hot water is very weak. Completely washed almost impossible. Cosmetic supplies provide reluctantly. A supply of liquid soap and shampoo fill once every two weeks. Tourists have to buy a lot for their money.

The set of towels consists of one bath and three small ones. This kit is provided to a family of four. Some hotel guests are poisoned by food from the restaurant. They have a violation of the digestive tract, diarrhea, vomiting and other unpleasant symptoms. Water is poured into the coolers by the hotel’s own staff. Therefore, its origin is unknown.

The food in the restaurant is meager. To get a meat dish, you need to take a queue in advance in the dining room. Usually for dinner they give chicken and offal. Fruit is also not enough for everyone. By the end of the meal, only green sour plums remain. Children do not eat boiled macaroni and mashed potatoes with lumps. We have to eat in the neighboring cafes and bistros.

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